Friday, August 28, 2015

lmc . 7 months

this baby has blossomed this month! 

she started eating all sorts of food. her favorites being guacamole, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal. she despises baby food and only wants what we have. she prefers to be able to pick it up and feed herself. 

she started crawling on our trip to fripp. then she really took off when we got home. she immediately began pulling up and pulls up on everything. she's fairly determined and is highly motivated. we had to lower her crib which just makes her seem so big.

she is waving and giving kisses. she always responds to her name. she is still extremely attached to mommy but does great if i'm just not around. she will play alone for short periods of time but is so used to her brothers' attention that she misses it when they aren't around. she prefers them and they can make her giggle like no one else. 

little lucy, baby girl, lu gu, goose, caboose, lu, beautiful girl. we love you! 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

around the house // august

when lu started crawling and pulling up, we were capturing her a lot. AND eating food. AND just loving her brother's love for her. 

will buddy is adjusting to being the oldest home now that his brothers are in school. we have been taking things real slow and i think he may be getting the hang of it for the few hours he's the biggest. 

saturdays and a pile in the back yard for daddy to read out loud! 

just a few things around here this month. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

first and third grade

tuck went off to first grade this year. it's his first year at school and i think we have all been a bit nervous about the whole thing. but it has been by far the best thing for him. THE BEST. he is blossoming in every area and i could not be any happier at how well he is doing. he has a most excellent teacher who is helping guide him this year. i miss that little guy around here but the Lord has been so faithful to provide some really good moments for us in the time we have after school. he needs a good snuggle and a good release of energy when he gets home so we definitely make all of that happen immediately. 

grey bear was certainly ready for his first day of third grade. he had his clothes ready for weeks and couldn't wait to start school. he's growing so much. and third grade has been a big change for him academically. more challenging. but he is always excited about learning and is very thankful for new and old friends in his class this year. 

these boys are such a joy.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

a week at fripp

poppie and marmie make the best experiences. from when i was a little girl to even now for my kids. from the food we eat to the laid back beach time of just simply being together. we drank coffee, combed the enormous expanse of beach before us day after day, watched the sunrise and the sunset, greeted deer daily, played in the tide pools for hours upon hours, took sandy naps, made lots of funny faces, built sand forts, climbed rocks, enjoyed the incredible wildlife, sat under the stars at night and marveled at God's creation, enjoyed all the imagination that flowed from those 5 boys. 

this week was so much fun. cousins that are best friends are just like a cherry on top. 


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