Tuesday, July 28, 2015

lmc . six months

six months! baby girl! that scrunched nose and big grin are enough to make us want to gobble you up. 

you are enamored with your sweet big brothers. you want to be WHEREVER they are. they make you giggle your little heart out. your favorite place to play is in will and tucker's room with their duplo legos. you can scoot and are JUST about to make it into a formal crawl. 

you weighed in at 12 lbs 13 oz at your doctor appointment this month. you are in the 5% but steadily growing! you little petite thing. i can't take you anywhere without ooo's and ahh's and comments on how tiny you are :) 

you LOVE mommy. like really love mommy. sweet girl. it warms my heart to watch you practically jump into my arms. 

you sit up all on your own, are hardly content being still, and love people. that smile gets us all and we love to make you giggle, which doesn't take much. you pay such close attention to everything around you and i love watching you take it all in. 

baby girl, we are so thankful for you!  

Saturday, July 11, 2015

a candid midsummer evening

we planted these sunflower seeds and have been watching them grow taller and taller and taller all season. FINALLY out popped these incredible blooms. we were all enamored with watching them right in our own backyard. the boys measured themselves up to them daily and were amazed when the plants towered over them. 

we've had some cooler (i.e. not sweating immediately when walking outside) evenings this summer which means promptly after dinner we flee to the backyard to play and admire all of this season's bounty! 

these children are so fun. adding little lu to the mix has softened us all and added to the sweetness that was already there. i love that these photos captured just a small bit of that. 


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