Thursday, May 28, 2015

lmc . four months

this month has been a golden one for little lucy. she has been so incredibly happy. i know that it's all thanks to that sweet sweet medicine the dr. prescribed. i have praised the Lord constantly for it.

she is the most active little thing. she prefers to play on her stomach so when she is done rolling all over the floor, she settles in on her tummy and plays with the toys around her. when she does lay on her back she has started reaching up to play with toys. i had her prop sitting for a few minutes just the other day!

she is becoming more and more able to engage with her brothers. she watches them so close and is so very alert in all of their comings and goings. she is the hot commodity around here and everyone vies for her attention. they love to care for her and play with her and are constantly amazed at the way she is growing and learning new things. just yesterday grey yelled from across the room, "mommy!!!! lucy is reaching up for her birds to play with them!!!"

she chats. she loves to be outside, especially in the evening. i can leave her to play for periods of time and i think she really enjoys it. she explores textures and loves to chew on things.

she is putting herself to sleep for the majority of her naps during the day which continue to be about 30 minutes a pop. sheesh. she is becoming more and more attached to a bunny blanket which we have been hoping for because she needs something to comfort her.

i have shared the sweetest moments with her this month in particular. there is nothing like watching her grin light up her little face the moment she sees me. she almost reaches for me these days. i truly feel like i could almost burst.

she is still the smallest little thing weighing in at 11 lb. 4 oz. the doctor said she thinks it's because she is so very active. but we are trying to get her to eat a little food at this point for the extra calories. i'm changing my diet a little as well to make sure i have the calories she needs. i can't slow her down but i can try to beef her up :) she is around the 8% for height and weight. we will just keep and eye on her growth in the next month. i am praying that she will take to some food soon.

her hair continues to grow and i'm increasingly aware of my lack of knowledge in girl hair dos. she always has a bow out of necessity. and we've had to move up to the bigger size because the little ones just don't cut it.

life with you just keeps getting sweeter, baby girl. we all love you so very much. 

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