Sunday, May 31, 2015

insta may

hair for days. 

lucy meeting martha for the first time. 

grey's 8th birthday dessert at  anitas. 

marmie and luc. 

methodical coffee in downtown greenville. 

grey's birthday cake. 

on grey's birthday he invited his friend addie to come home from school and do the slip n' slide. of course annabelle and lila celebrated with us as well :) 

birthday breakfast at panera. 

flower buying with these two. they are so funny together. they call each other "honey" and act like an old married couple. 

sweet baby. 

green smoothie mustaches. 

gigi and papa came for a visit. 

peonies from my mom's yard. 

the backyard after dinner is where you will find us. lucy and i giggle while the boys play baseball. 

oh tuck.

chef will. 

this is how grey entertains lucy. 

bathing beauty. 

our first family meeting was HILARIOUS. i mean hilarious. it ended up being a success. and it's now weekly. 

will runs a spartan race every now and again. he tapes a number to his shirt and runs up and down our street. it's the cutest thing. 

will had his last day of mmo and he didn't sing a lick. he sat in his seat and smiled awkwardly at us the entire time. he has taught us all the songs and sings constantly at home but he refused to perform. i laughed so hard i cried. 

tuck keeping lucy up on nature. 

grey had his art show at school. his dolphin painting got chosen to hang in the office for next school year. 

early morning back porch snuggles. 

evening uno. 

i can't help but take pictures of him sleeping. 

will is way more excited about tucker terrarium than he is. 

tuck's 6th camping birthday cake. 

will's first trip to the dentist. 

tuck bought a pirate lego set with a target gift card from his birthday. 

pool baby. 

reaching and playing. 

jude came for a campout for tuck's birthday. they had a blast! 

ice cream for almost everyone. 

no telling. 

she wakes up so incredibly happy in the morning. 


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