Tuesday, March 31, 2015

insta march

she loves her tuck man. 

snoozing with her bunny. 

book lovers.

daddy and his baby girl. 

a will original.

will took donuts to his class for his birthday and had to wear his bowtie :) 

all of them getting lucy to smile. 

asleep as a three year old. 

and woke up ready to be four! 

lucy goose's first sunday in church. snoozy magee. 

 there's really no telling. 

sweet afternoon with the boys. 

loves that daddy-o.

curliest after bath hair!

teaching lucy to love afternoon smoothies. 

this photo: grey put on his sports coat and tie and told me he was going to work. i walked past tuck and will's room to find this very scene. i just can't help but laugh. he was "pastoring." 

caitlyn came to meet lucy lu. 

grey bear rocking' bible drill. 

lucy sleeping through bible drill. 

adorned in knitted gifts from mrs. thornley. 

hammock time with these guys. treasured moments these days. 

farm day at brattonsville. this was so fun! the boys made candles, rode horses, made their own toys, paper crafts, and played yard games. they also all got new wooden guns. i'm pretty sure they would have enjoyed living in the 1800's.

thank goodness i've got tucker to keep lucy up on her literature. 

3 moms and 10 kids. we all survived and even had lots of fun! 


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