Tuesday, November 25, 2014

the weekly | forty seven

i flew in from chicago to see little grey bear get terrific kid friday morning. it's a surprise so it was so fun to see his face light up when he saw us waiting for him. he is such a little man and we are so proud of who he is becoming. 

matthew and i got to go on a date friday night...overnight! it was awesome and had been WAY too long. we couldn't remember the last time we had been on a date. gosh i love that man. 

after the boys overnight stay with friends, they were exhausted! they all snuck in a good nap. tuck even happened to fall asleep with a knife on his face.

wild indians being indians that found a baby mole in our yard. it was promptly captured and inspected. what funny little creatures. 

a november evening sky i couldn't help but capture. it was the rainbow and the clouds and the color. 

tuck and i spent the morning with thornley and molly and tuck got to practice his baby skills. he is probably most excited about our baby girl and to see him light up and come alive taking care of her was so precious. he can't wait to have one of his own. 


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