Tuesday, October 28, 2014

the weekly | forty three

mom and i drug these two to mary jo's to pick out fabric for the crib. they made their own games and were fairly patient with my indecisiveness. but when i knew, i knew and i FINALLY picked something i love. 

we went to mt. mitchell on friday and had a blast together. 

matthew ran the spartan beast race on saturday. he has been training with his good friend and ran it with two other guys in the neighborhood. it was 13+ miles with 25 obstacles and he FINISHED! he has worked hard and accomplished his goal and is on to the next challenge! 

we had trunks and treats (and no i didn't pose will, he does that himself) and then carved our pumpkin together monday evening. 

we are really enjoying fall and all it brings.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

the weekly | forty two

grey got his bobcat badge at cub scouts and we were all there to see him. 

it was a backyard campout kind of weekend. the boys all slept outside and i slept comfortably in my warm cozy bed. we had the best time sitting around the campfire together. just talking and laughing. we are loving every stage of these boys but this one, this one is a winner. 

grey had a big cub scout function on saturday where he played lots of games and got dirty :) 

marmie came for a few days. she made curtains for the baby's nursery and showed me some embroidery techniques that grey apparently picked up on and wants to do all the time! he's already making plans for christmas presents. we had a great time and are so thankful we got to spend a few days together!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

picking up the camera

it always happens about this time of year. i get busy with taking pictures of other people's families that i neglect our everyday with my real camera in hand. phone pictures suffice but there's nothing like capturing these boys i love so and controlling most aspects of what is captured. 

though i didn't start until lunchtime today, i was able to catch tucker sneaking up on a bug. i had an adventure in the woods with tuck and will as they sneaked (is that the right word there?) up on me and showed me all their secret places to play including the 'bug club' and the 'hunt club'. i grabbed a shot of grey picking and writing a verse for us, grey and tuck crafting and homeworking, and just a portion of the time they spend on their swings each day. grey and tuck competing to see who can get the highest and will howling as he swings. he seriously howls the whole time he swings.

the conclusion is i have GOT to do this much more often.


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