Tuesday, September 23, 2014

the weekly | thirty eight

grey started cub scouts and is loving it. right up that boy's ally. 

tuck picked me flowers and told me he wished he were a goose so he could just poop anywhere he wants. the charm never ends. he also loves to do whatever we are doing so he set himself up with his bible study early one morning.

the weather was perfect on saturday so we went for a little hayride. we happened upon our friends there which made it all the more fun! 

william. he climbed in bed with me early one morning. he said he had come "just to talk." he examined my wedding rings and asked why i had them. i told them daddy gave them to me and promised to love me forever no matter what. he was unimpressed and told me he wasn't ever going to like "grills" (his version of girls) and he ONLY likes his brothers. he would ONLY marry me and he might like his sister. 

and then he sneaked some fresh cookies. 

these days are so precious. 

1 comment:

  1. grey - looking so handsome and grown.

    tuck - what a reminder that little ones are watching us.

    william - bless that curious little mind.



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