Tuesday, March 04, 2014

chicago weekend

i absolutely love to fly. i love airports and the watching the people there. i love {and hate} security. i love to try and make those guys crack a smile. i love walking to my gate and wondering who i'm going to make friends with on the flight. i love reading and writing while i'm waiting. i very much dislike how much airport food costs and avoid buying anything if at all possible. but it is always a great excuse to get a $2 bag of peanut m&ms. you know, because i'm traveling and all. 

then there is the rush of take-off, the biscoff cookies and cran-apple, and the person next me. i just love it all. it's so out of my ordinary and maybe that's why it's so novel to me. 

i had the opportunity to board a plane and fly to Chicago this weekend. i got to go visit very dear family. i got to see their everyday life in a new place. i got to galavant around the city and stay in a fun hotel for a night.

but most of all i got to spend time with my sister. not that i technically have a sister. but she's my sister. we married brothers and ended up as sisters. there wasn't a quiet moment between us. there never ever is. 

 i knew the Lord set aside such a time for us. even though it was snowy and cold. {oh so COLD} we were allowed time for our hearts to be encouraged. as can only happen in real, honest, raw conversation.

we shared meals and coffee and walks around the city. and then went back to naperville for some family time. 

{thanks david for driving back through town so i could grab this shot though it truly does no justice} 

now i can't wait to head back this summer! unfortunately i will not be flying but driving with my guys. these guys that had a jam up guys weekend with a wonderful father who made it all possible. 

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