Tuesday, March 25, 2014

the weekly | twelve

all together now. 

we have really been enjoying time all together. it's a blessing.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

the weekly | eleven

will loved every bit of turning three! 

{more on our three year old and his birthday day to come}

Saturday, March 15, 2014

wrc | three years old

william. will baby. big willie. sir william. will man.

you're three! wowzas.

now's the time i say all of these types of things.

a few observations of you at three.

you are still the biggest charmer of all time. at least in this house.

your smile and that one dimple. when you get in trouble you always respond with it first and then when it doesn't work, you snuggle up close and say "i love you momma."

you and i like to hold hands. we hold hands a lot. i know it's special to you because every time we do,  you look up at me and say "i love you momma. i want to kiss you." oh my lands it's the sweetest thing.

you still have THE BEST laugh of any of us. and you snuggle so so close always.

you are the silliest. you love to get the laughs out of us for sure. you are happiest when you are cracking someone up. 

you love books. your bed is FILLED with books. we are always reading together. i know you will be just as thrilled to learn to read on your own as grey was when he learned to read. 

 you eat all sorts of things. you are by far our most explorative eater. you love all veggies which thrills my heart that you ask for more kale or avocado. you will try anything and simply LOVE to eat. your mmo teachers always comment that you are always ready for snack time and wonder if i feed you in the mornings!

you shake your hips better than mommy and dance at the sound of any beat. you are not shy in the slightest and seem to have so much fun wherever you are. 

at bedtime or nap time you give me a hundred kisses and a million hugs and always say, "momma i gotta tell ya one mo' thing. will you read me a book when i wake up?" every single time you do the same thing. and i love it. 

you are constantly in your own little world. always imagining you are anywhere but here. you have different voices for different characters and always have a sword or gun in your hand and a stuffed puppy in the other. you fit in so well with your older brothers and play along with their imaginations. you seem mature for your age but i think that comes along with being the third. 

you and tuck have quite the relationship. you guys look out for each other. and can also spend time choking one another. you scream at him and he manipulates you but that's all in good brotherly love in the end. you mainly just want to hug and kiss grey at all times. he is always teaching you and showing you new things and you trust him wholeheartedly. i do too, so i understand. 

you enjoy being outside most and are trying new things all the time. you just like people and friends and playing together. 

it is so fun watching you grow! we really enjoy spending time with you and love you a bushel and peck!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

the weekly | ten

he did it! 

and we were there to cheer him to the finish line. 

he ran through a lot of pain (IT band injury) to finish the race, his first half marathon. his humility on his personal health journey drives a deep respect and honor from all of us. 

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

chicago weekend

i absolutely love to fly. i love airports and the watching the people there. i love {and hate} security. i love to try and make those guys crack a smile. i love walking to my gate and wondering who i'm going to make friends with on the flight. i love reading and writing while i'm waiting. i very much dislike how much airport food costs and avoid buying anything if at all possible. but it is always a great excuse to get a $2 bag of peanut m&ms. you know, because i'm traveling and all. 

then there is the rush of take-off, the biscoff cookies and cran-apple, and the person next me. i just love it all. it's so out of my ordinary and maybe that's why it's so novel to me. 

i had the opportunity to board a plane and fly to Chicago this weekend. i got to go visit very dear family. i got to see their everyday life in a new place. i got to galavant around the city and stay in a fun hotel for a night.

but most of all i got to spend time with my sister. not that i technically have a sister. but she's my sister. we married brothers and ended up as sisters. there wasn't a quiet moment between us. there never ever is. 

 i knew the Lord set aside such a time for us. even though it was snowy and cold. {oh so COLD} we were allowed time for our hearts to be encouraged. as can only happen in real, honest, raw conversation.

we shared meals and coffee and walks around the city. and then went back to naperville for some family time. 

{thanks david for driving back through town so i could grab this shot though it truly does no justice} 

now i can't wait to head back this summer! unfortunately i will not be flying but driving with my guys. these guys that had a jam up guys weekend with a wonderful father who made it all possible. 

the weekly | nine

guys weekend. 

these boys need their dad. their time without me is crucial in their development as men. so a guys weekend it was. 

they built fires, made pizza, camped in the living room, played frisbee golf, watched airplanes and i'm sure much more that i'm not even aware of. such a great time for all of us. we all could use a little perspective and renewing every now and again. we were just blessed with a chance to make that happen. 


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