Tuesday, September 17, 2013

a snippet: tuck man

i just needed to document this little story i received about tucker and his best buddy jude. his two year old mmo teacher sent it to me and jennifer and really just made our day! their personalities are so hard to capture in words and i want so desperately to try. this little snippet will be good to remember one day. 

"I love your sweet knights in training!
Last week after Jude caught and released the gecko in our room your boys were together in the hall and called me over. With serious looks they vowed they would come and capture any lizards, frogs, or snakes in my room. Then with a complete switch, Tucker asked if I had a new hairdo, and both boys told me I looked pretty. (My hair was in a pony tail.) I left chuckling! You are both doing a great job with your children. Somewhere there are 2 little girls who are going to be very thankful for their mothers-in-law."

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