Thursday, July 11, 2013

thursday thoughts

{woo hoo! all five of us may 2013} 

we are really really enjoying summer. really for the first time together. we love having matthew home this summer.

i took a nap today.  i fell asleep to grey turning the pages of his fourth book for the week. he is racking up his points on his summer reading chart. and then the boys woke me up. oops. it was raining and chore day. what can i say?

i have hit such a creative lull. in a major way. i need some inspiration. in a major way. i haven't pulled out the ol' big daddy camera in quite some time and it's sad. i haven't written in far too long. i am struggling to see beauty around me and capture it in words and images. i NEED to get on this pronto. it's crucial.

i get to run with my husband in the morning. i can't wait.

again, it was chore day which meant wrangling three little boys to complete some tasks around here. as long as i make it fun they really are such incredible helpers. even will man. though he takes a little more coaxing.

nothing about our week has gone as planned. although that has worked out just perfectly and left us relaxed and flexible. we have had the opportunity to enjoy dinner with friends, family walks, hit the pool when the sun was actually out, and we are here for the entire weekend. hip hip! 

i turn 30 in 9 days. wowzies. 

i set the boys up in the living room this morning while i finished up the chores they couldn't help with and turned on yoga on youtube. that made for a good laugh. grey was working it, tuck was trying his hardest to get the right form, and will was just rolling around like a beached whale whilst occasionally reaching his hands up. i'll be pulling that one out every now and again just for fun.

pillow fighting is by far one of my favorite things to do with the boys. it's so rewarding. i get to throw pillows at them, they don't get hurt, they aren't tackling me, and i get to hear them giggle over and over and over!

this time next week i'll be livin' it up with matthew at the weston resort in hilton head. just an awesome celebration of turning 30!!! i can hardly contain myself. i am going to ride and bike and read and eat. it's going to be awesome.

we are rocking whole30 which should really be whole10 for us. we're doing 10 days this time and both of us are feeling fantastic. oh man it feels so good to feel so good.

i love july.

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