Tuesday, July 02, 2013


i am realizing more and more that our months are just full. full of a lot of different things and some are full of more busy than others. just by the nature of life. but all in all our lives are full. and there are so many blessings that i wish i could hold onto forever. so i take a lot of pictures. and i am so thankful for this phone that can capture all the little things that make up this full life.

we seemed to have found ourselves at the pool lots in june. which has led to grey and tuck swimming like fish and will just floating around the pool singing. we have gotten to spend quality time with some good friends around the pool.

we had VBS the beginning of june. all the boys had a blast!!!! 

some last adventures in our backyard before moving.

the weather has really just been gorgeous. i spent some really good time those last few days on our back deck sipping coffee, reading, watching birds, and listening to the boys play. grey joined me for sipping coffee one afternoon.

grey bear the grill master.

this little william is such a snuggle bug. he loves to curl up right next to me on the couch in the morning. it's by far one of the most precious things.


dance moves choreographed by grey and performed by he and his father.

my handsome date to a wedding recently. 

our last night in our house all together. we decided to celebrate with friends and ice cream. and fireflies and sparklers. 

 one morning i found these two in wills bed "reading" together. it really was so sweet. they were getting along for heavens sake! 

then this happened. 

this boy had about a day at home with matthew and i by himself and just came to life in a whole new way. it was so fun to spend time with just him and he loved 100% attention.

we shipped the boys off for the week so i could pack our entire house. grey and tuck got to go to mega-camp with gigi and papa and their cousins, and will stayed with marmie and poppie for some more 100% attention. all three had a MUCH better week than i had at home. i packed and cried and packed and cried and remembered all of beautiful memories those walls encompassed. all on my lonesome. i did get to go on quite a few dates with my husband and spend time with others for the week. and i got the house packed! i'm just glad that's over. 

we had about 25 people come to help us move!!! which means we were moved out and in in just under 3 hours. pretty amazing day. we are so so grateful for all the helpful hands and felt very loved.

i don't think i could have been more ready for these two to get home on saturday. they made our new "home" feel so much more like home for now. 

i snapped this picture the next morning. in the mornings in our old house, the sun would shine right through the window and hit their little faces while eating breakfast. it was something i was really going to miss and lo and behold the next morning the sun was still hitting their faces while they ate breakfast in a totally different home! 


summer storms provide the best puddles. especially in the road in front of our rental house! 

this house has a living room FULL of furniture. there is a gigantic sectional couch with a huge leather ottoman. it's a playground for the boys. and a stage for singing and dancing. 

 we had a trip to the dentist last week. tucker absolutely loved it and asked to go back a few days after. he made himself at home just like he does everywhere he goes! 

grey bear loves to lay in bed and talk about our day. this is another time i wouldn't trade.

we spent saturday at my mom and dad's. matthew helped my dad rip up my grandma's old deck and start building the new one while i hung out with the boys and my mom. we spent the morning in her garden drinking coffee and talking. it was really special actually. all the boys were content. tuck and will were frog hunting and grey was supervising the deck deconstruction. we both really enjoy gardening and i learn so much from her. 

abby and her husband  just so happened to be having a 30th birthday party that evening that the boys and i got to go to! it was so great to see her.

middle little man wrapped himself up in a hand towel.

summer nights are the best. they are made for impromptu dinner with friends followed by ice cream and firefly hunts. these are the things they are really going to remember.

 apparently this summer night was meant  for one little boy to dress up and dance like a little girl. fake hair and all. he's so secure in his masculinity. 

all the late nights mean for good naps for all of us. even the grey bear!

july is here! 

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