Tuesday, June 04, 2013

last day of kindergarten!

 yesterday was our last day of school with all of our friends. we couldn't believe we had completed everything we sat down and planned last summer to do this year together. it's still a little surreal. we have been so very thankful for these precious friends this year. our year would have not been the same without our time to learn and grow together. they really blossomed this year each in their own way. they are all such good friends. this top picture is pretty accurate of our time together. we are so blessed to have one another. 

lenna made will her make-over project in which she painted his fingernail and toenails pink, put him in a dress, put bows in his hair, bejeweled him, and fixed his hair. she has four brothers and will let her do it all to him so she just let out her creative outlet on him! he didn't want to wipe off or wash his hands all day because he didn't want the polish to come off!  

 and just as soon as i wrote in my last post that grey would be attending first grade at school next year, we are back to square one of decision making. it will come. all in the right time. we are just trying to be still and wait. 

regardless, i can't believe the grey bear will be in first grade! 

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