Sunday, June 16, 2013

your dad

he loves without expecting anything back. 

he plays hard. 

he is intentional and purposeful in all he does. 

he is humble and confident in the Lord.

he teaches.

he learns.

he encourages you constantly.

he always marches forward with you closely following.

he extends grace always. 

he loves your mother deeply and selflessly.

he is your father and he loves you with a love that isn't his own. 

and i am so glad you, my boys, were given the gift of this man.

Friday, June 14, 2013

instead of packing

apparently i'm avoiding packing like the plague. haven't packed one single box and we move in a week.

this is our last week in our house all together. so we have been enjoying it. enjoying summer here. we've had no plans until the last second other than VBS every night. 

so instead of packing we have played hard and napped well. i took a nap every day this week. it was wonderful. 

the boys wanted to get the pool out one morning and put it on the deck. so we did and it provided hours of imaginative fun. we had a picnic and jumped on the trampoline together under the big shade trees of the back yard. we're all savoring up these last days here. together. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

big boy status

will is starting off his summer with a bang. he decided last friday that the potty was not an awful, horrible thing out to get him and he used it like a big boy! since then we have been in full training mode. 

he has taken the longest of the three to attempt using the potty but he seems like he is all in. i always seem to wait until they show their own interest in it. two times before it has worked so i'm hoping this time around we are in for the same experience. 

he has LOTS of encouragement and yesterday pooped in the potty! his brothers counsel him and cheer for him. they are by far his biggest fans! tuck gives motivational speeches and grey is always there for moral support.

hip hip hooray littlest man! this just takes you one more step to being a big boy.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

insta may and a little june

may was a wild, full month in all the right ways. 

the following scene is happening more and more. the three of them playing and working together calmly. 

fun food! we've been making delicious popsicles with our zoku popsicle maker. mmm. 

we spent grey's birthday in greenville. it was rainy and cold all weekend so we celebrated inside at quite a few of our favorite places. anita's, mellow mushroom, and yogurt mountain. 

sleeping boys. 

i'm really really really going to miss my peonies when we move. that is one plant i will be buying and planting in our new yard.

this is one of my most favorite places. our deck, with a book, and a boy in my lap.

studying and measuring veggies for vegetable week. 

trampoline tricks. 

camping with friends.

garrett staying with us for a couple of days and spent the night. all the boys had a blast. will almost got to sleep the night with them but was a little too excited and ended up having to go to his own bed. 

tuck finished up 3 year old mothers morning out. he had two awesome teachers that just so happen to be some of my best friends.

tuck and jude are best buds. jude was so excited to give tuck a bow and arrow for his birthday and they wanted their picture together. 

 scout goes everywhere with will.

strawberry pickin' number one. 

our lot for our new house! we are so thankful we got to pick out the very lot we wanted.

ice cream stop for t man's birthday.

dirt and worm cake for tuck's birthday. he got a bug vest, a new net, a brand new bug book, and got to have a creek adventure. 

 a sunny morning backyard bug hunt.

 tuck and luke ready for four year old camp.

will and all of his night night necessities. 

spent one week with these two guys. we couldn't believe how much the dynamics of our family changed while tuck was away. 

we ate popsicles, played with cousins, and grey helped me make lemonade. he was a pro with cutting and squeezing those lemons.

strawberry pickin' again sans tucker. we went to hall family farm this time which was lots of fun. the boys got fresh fruit icees, played tetherball, went through a maze, and rode big ol' trikes. it's the same farm we went to in the fall for a field trip. it was a winner! 

my old soul six year old. we attended lots of graduation parties and he wanted to dress up for all of them. and comb his hair to the side.

i love this picture. we love books.

i thought this was so funny. grey was in charge of drinks for dinner one night and he filled our water glasses up for us. not quite half full. it was precious.

this boy loves a morning snuggle.

we got to spend some time with catilyn at her pool this week. the boys had a blast and it made us all really excited to have a pool to go to all summer long. hopefully they will all be swimming on their own very soon!


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