Thursday, April 25, 2013

insta-days spring '13

 {love this family picture. THANKS GIGI! }

 our house is FINALLY on the market. we've been working since january in our free time (ha!) to whip this place into shape and doves road went live last friday! we've had about 12 showings in a week. seriously, i'm exhausted. we are staying in the area and i will write more on this process at a later time. lots has happened in our lives that i have yet to document so that's coming soon for my own sake. 

we have had all sorts of cleaning out, sprucing up, and many other projects going on around here. the boys have been gracious and helpful in the meantime. i have lacked patience and struggle to keep us all together daily but their attitudes (most of the time) encourage me in this time. again, they've been so helpful! 

{mulch spreaders}

{they are pros at being cool at lowes} 

these boys love to go to daddy's office. seriously it's the highlight of their week. and they HAVE to wear button up shirts because that's what daddy wears to work. all except the non-conformist, tuck meister. not pictured. imagine that.

 ummm. mr. personality?

now that spring has sprung, you can find us outside with our shirts off. and by us i mean them. 

some days i get the sweetest glimpses at these three boys growing up right alongside one another. and i tell myself, "they DO love each other, the DO love each other." 

 playground hopping has become our go-to when we get a last minute house showing call. thankfully it's been warm and the boys boundless energy can be all it needs to be outdoors. not to mention bike rides, bug collecting GALORE, and marshmallow roasting. 

{this kid and his bugs. see that bug house that's attached to his belt loop? we don't leave home without it. we have a bug house in the car, on the back deck, and he carries one most all of the time.}

last weekend we go to go to atlanta for our annual weekend with david, steph, maddie, and tyson. it was perfection as always. we ate delicious food (i mean when do we not?), park hopped, sipped on coffee, played games, laughed (i mean when do we not?), loved being together, all rode in one party van!, and just had a classic great time. 

{salsa mongers.} 

{yogurt land two nights in a row...yes we did!} 

 {me and stephie in the middle of the river.}

 {our trip home. they were asleep in .2 seconds}

my mom came up last week to spend a couple of days with us. (hi mom!) she was here to play play play, while i whipped this house into shape one last time before the photographer came to take pictures of the house. oh the boys just adore marmie. especially that little william. we had a library and starbucks date one morning. what a gem that marmie is.

as the boys grow, our time with them is shifting a little. we are figuring out how to best maximize our time with these growing boys as a whole. it's been fun figuring it out along the way and feel like we are coming to a whole new level of time spent. i walked downstairs to this one morning. grey and matthew camped out on the porch just talking away. 

another glimpse of our last family hike together. 
we are nearing the end of our school year.  i have so many thoughts and feelings on this subject that i haven't processed yet. but how each child has grown in just these short months is so neat to watch. 

and this sweet little relationship has blossomed into something wild. tucker and jude go to mmo together and are also together monday and wednesday for our "school." they term each other "best buddy" and have so much fun together in their own way. they are each so unique and have imaginations that are just constantly working. they always have guns and knives (obviously not real ones, obviously) and are on an adventure. 

and then there's these two. will and monroe. their relationship still has a way to go. but aren't they so cute?! 

my tucker man is becoming quite the student. it's so surprising. and inconsistent. i just try to nurture it when it shows itself. and allow myself to be encouraged by his desire to sit down and complete a task! 

and then there's this kid. fish face, marker finder, and batman (as he pretends he is with a sword.) 

morning chores :) 

  little sweets.

a good book and sunshine. can't beat that! 

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  1. The boys in sunglass, Tuck with his caterpillar, Grey's, they are all so cute.

    Love your family. You guys are so much fun.



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