Friday, March 15, 2013

wrc . two years

{march 2012}

this third born has been a joy from day one and in his second year of life he has grown and changed so much. having two big brothers, he thinks he is at least five years old. he seems to have jumped from baby to big boy in quite a hurry.

he loves eggs for breakfast. and lunch and dinner for that matter. he closes his little eyes when we pray. he dances, and i mean dances to any beat he hears. he runs to keep up with his big brothers. he collects sticks with tucker and makes sure he knows where the tuck man is at all times. he pretends to fish and likes to throw rocks. he loves books. "read me a book!" is constantly exclaimed. 

he communicates so well. he speaks very clearly and in full sentences. he counts to 15 without skipping a beat. this caught me off guard as i haven't intentionally "taught" him very much. he loves to sing a long. he is so very silly. all the time. 

he has claimed his own very specific place in our family of five. he is the baby and he knows it. though he says "i not a baby, i a big boy!" he finds his way to my arms frequently to say "awww i a baby, hold you momma." 

he loves other people and calls you by name. he never forgets a name and generally has a smile for everyone. he listens when you talk to him and converses much like grey. he follows directions and knows exactly what you are asking of him.

that laugh. he laughs with his entire body from the gut. grey and tuck bring it out mostly. wow. he loves to be chased and jump on the trampoline. he prefers being outside. he likes to cut paper and draw on the chalkboard. as long as he is doing what grey and tuck are doing OR i am holding him, he is happy as a lark. 

he loves animals and airplanes. and screams when he doesn't get his way. he likes to sleep with a flashlight and a book. lamby is always tucked under his neck and held close by. 

he likes to snack and is very particular on what he wants and if he wants it on a napkin or in a bowl. he throws tantrums with the best of 'em. oh man. he requests specific songs before bed and sings along and laughs as we sing. 

he loves taking a bath. he likes meat and sweet potatoes and milk. he apologizes when he does something wrong. he exclaims "no!" more than "yes ma'am" but quickly corrects himself. he has required diligence and patience in discipline and we are starting to see the outcome, thank goodness.

when you tell him his birthday is coming up, he immediately says "i be 2!" and "batman cake!" 

his serious look is hilarious and his wink melts my heart. his blue eyes and those kisses! 

he is his own little person and we are thankful for these 2 years with him!

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  1. Cannot believe he is two. Wishing a happy, happy day to Will!

  2. Happiest Birthday, little big guy! Mmmmm seeing him grow so quickly gives me a glimpse of what's to come with Amos (: So sweet!



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