Tuesday, March 12, 2013

what's new?

well lots really. not sure how to catch myself up to speed. of course phone pictures are here to do that for me. 

school is moving right along. we are getting very close to the end. our purchased curriculum is somewhat lacking for grey so we have stepped it up all on our own. this boy loves to create so we do. we get all the other things in that are necessary but reading and creating are by far the things we do most!

my ideal homeschool year was tossed out the window long ago. BUT there are some days when God so graciously opens my eyes to why exactly He asked me to do this in the first place. this was one of those days.

homeschooling with a toddler afoot has been the greatest challenge by far. by FAR. he is learning too though. he has one special teacher who loves him more than he will ever know. 

we are still enjoying school with our friends every monday and wednesday mornings together. i cannot begin to find words for the blessing of this in this particular year.

we find our way to parks and anything outdoors now that the weather is changing. we get our dose of all things pink and purple with our girl friends. it's a nice mix up. tucker loves pink and purple and is known to dress up like a princess heels and all, will couldn't care less as long as he's having fun, and grey has quite the aversion. i enjoy the variety from our usually hues. around this house.

the tuck man is up to all sorts of things. he is thrilled it is turning warm and spends his days in the woods with his backpack on hunting for treasure. he is the sweetest thing. he gets more and more lovable as the days pass and our relationship seems to be blossoming all the new. i am so grateful for that. he loves his daddy more than life but mommy has never compared. thankfully we are nurturing that relationship together.

pillow fights on sheet changing day.

tuck fixed will's hair for this picture. bathtub boys.

the boys do 1, 2, 3's every morning for a quarter. this includes brushing their teeth, making their beds, and getting dressed. grey helps will brush his teeth every single morning. 

they love having a big brother that can read. 

he will kill me for this one day.

classic dance party attire.

it snowed!

our brussels sprouts.

i made the boys smoothies for breakfast one morning and they ended up freezing and in front of the fire. i don't know why but i thought this was so funny! 

the boys have collections of sticks all around our  house. a few in the front, several in the back, in the woods, sometimes they try to bring them inside. they still seem to be the toy of choice.

this kiddo. he will be 2 years old on friday. i can't believe it and i've been quite emotional about it. 

last but not least we've been eating a lot of these. eggs. good thing we love them. we've embarked on the whole30 challenge for march and are loving it. really, really, really, loving it. 

i say this all the time but it's true. time flies. it just does. these days i spend with the little ones are non stop. i have to be on my A game 100% of the time and it's taxing. some days i handle better than others. on days like today i look around and realize this is it. it's my life and their life and our life. what am i making it? is it focused and intentional or are the moments filled with my attention in 100 different places? i know the desire of my heart and the reality of my life don't always match up but i am trusting that the Lord is growing us all together and is gracious in our days. i just feel thankful.

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