Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the everyday rowdy

i mean, sometimes i don't even know. i wonder how these children come up with the things they choose to do with their time. 

i was cleaning up from lunch when grey and tuck came bee bopping downstairs. i looked in the living room only to find two shirtless boys with "exercise" pants and boxing socks on only left to leave me thinking one thing. they were ready for a dance party. 

so we danced. and will wanted to take off ALL of his clothes but luckily we managed to keep the diaper on snug.

these boys are wild. i think i've gotten used to it but sometimes i look around and realize that my day is spent either wrestling, tickling, watching them do very physical tricks, being tackled, climbed on, or head butted, jumping on the trampoline, and the list goes on. 

on the days i begin to get overwhelmed and exhausted (and they are only getting bigger!) i remind myself that i have three very healthy, active boys. just what they should be at 5, 3, and 2 years old. 

sometimes i promise them they can wrestle with daddy at night before i ask him. he always thanks me later :) 

though their energy can easily wear me out each and every day, i am so very grateful to have the energy to do it. and thankful for a husband who can take a beating :) 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

thursday thoughts

sometimes i see glimpses into what is happening in my children's hearts and it is so worth all the times that i feel like i'm pouring my life into these beings that i'm getting NO WHERE with. 

last night i was cooking up some quesadillas for the boys and tucker was slithering all over the counter like a snake. i told him to get off of the counter one too many times and the next thing we know, CRASH. he breaks a glass vase full of easter grass and easter eggs. 

he immediately started crying and apologizing and then began to agonize over the fact that he was going to have to give me "MORE dollars!" because of his disobedience that resulted in breaking something. i let him agonize a little bit because i needed a breather as to not yell at him.

in the meantime, the grey bear comes to me and whispers, "mommy, please just make tucker pay for half and i'll pay the other half." 

that's it. he's got it. the tears welled up and i couldn't help but grab that boy and squeeze him to death. 

then i grabbed that tucker man and squeezed him to death as well. 

i know i'm not the one who brings about any good in my children but it sure is refreshing amongst the arguing and the disobedience and the discipline to see what's really in those little hearts of theirs. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

will turns 2!

we celebrated all weekend. just the way i like to do birthdays. this little boy is so cute! of course i'm supposed to think that but really he is. so, so cute. every time we sang happy birthday to him, he tried his hardest to keep from smiling but couldn't help it. 

we all paraded in his room after he was awake and sang happy birthday to him. he ate it up and was so happy to see all the balloons his daddy had put around his seat downstairs. we had eggs for breakfast, licked the frosting bowl, and spent the morning playing. 

we celebrated with gigi and papa after nap time. we ate cupcakes and delicious mexican! he loved having them here and i know it made his actual birthday something special. 

saturday poppie and marmie came up for the day and we met nathan, allison, garrett, and wyatt at lazy 5 ranch. there couldn't have been a more perfect way to celebrate turning 2. that little man (and the rest of us!) had a blast! he fed all the animals with no fear and loved it! he talked to all the sheep and goats and really could have fed them all day. he eventually ran out of food and settled for a picnic and some play time on a playground full of big wooden ships and slides!

he rounded out the day with burgers and strawberry ice cream with sprinkles. 

thankful for these memories with our now two year old! 


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