Monday, January 21, 2013

twenty-nine and a half

yesterday i was officially twenty-nine and a half.

there are evidences of my age all throughout my life and i find myself saying, "wow, i'm getting old" a whole, whole lot. i thought i'd document some of those things at my ripe old age.

1. what they say about skin and aging and such is true. i don't think i ever really believed that i would get wrinkles beside my eyes or the skin on my face would sag a little. oh my how i was wrong. i am looking older and i see it! it doesn't necessarily scare me though. i actually think it makes me feel like an adult for the first time in my life because for some reason being responsible for three children doesn't.

2. i don't know if it's my age or the fact that i really hate t.v. but anytime i turn the thing on i am horribly disgusted and make comments like "this is trash, ALL trash!" i mostly sound like an 80 year old woman.

3. last may, while i was in clemson for the day sans children, a girl ma'amed me for heavens sake! and it has happened frequently since then along with adding mrs. at the beginning of my name. 

4. when i break out my dance moves including the butterfly around our students they impolitely stare at me and ask "meghan, what in the world are you doing?" and i give them the whole, "what do you mean what am i doing?! it's the butterfly, duh." and they laugh at me. sidenote: grey knows the roger rabbit, the dip, AND the butterfly thank you very much.

5. while at passion this year surrounded by about 60,000 college students, i realized how incredibly unfashionable i am. i mean i don't wear mom jeans but i am way behind the times. and anytime someone compliments me on my "style" it's mostly because someone else i.e. my fashion friends, have picked out my outfit and coaxed me to buy it.

6. speaking of jeans, i bought a pair of jeans at eddie bauer after christmas. AND i liked a lot of things in their store.  that is proof right there that i am getting on up there. 

7. i like to watch birds. i used to make so much fun of my parents for watching birds. who would've thought.

8. upon going to the dentist after 5 1/2 years with 3 pregnancies in between, i ended up with THIRTEEN cavities. seriously now. that's a lot of cavities for someone who brushes morning and night (for the most part). matthew and i decided after the enormous amount dental work i had to have done and the fact that we are much much more mature now, we would get each other sonicare toothbrushes for christmas this year. that's old. and we bond each night while brushing, flossing, and listerine-ing together.

9. i want a schedule and to make plans and to write things down for heavens sake. never in my life. i think it's called maturity and a need with all these children running around. and along with that, i'm actually thinking beyond this very moment. i'm thinking 10 years down the road and praying about what that means for now.

10. i'm so out of touch with pop culture that i had to google what the top ten song artists are right now. and when i listened to their songs i exclaimed again, "this is trash, ALL trash!"

11. i wear slippers and have to squint to see far away. sometimes after sitting on the floor for a while my knees hurt when i get up. i am fairly out of touch with technology and worse than that, i don't really care.

BUT i can still drink coffee at night and sleep like a baby. i still really love to learn. i have all the energy i need each day and THAT is a blessing.

and really, it's about time for me to be thirty. so much has happened in my twenties that sometimes i can't believe i'm not there yet. i think i'm looking forward to it.


  1. THIRTY! How did you get there AND what does that mean for you realize HOW much you sounded like me in this post???

  2. I love this post, and I love YOU, Happy late bday. 30's never looked so good on someone sister.

  3. oh friend i relate to EVERY THING you said in this post. i see myself in the mirror and think, "wow im getting wrinkly. who am i?" no matter how old we get though, you'll always be my bestie and one of the people i have THE MOST FUN with! i love you, mag! and ps i turn 30 before you. ah!



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