Tuesday, January 22, 2013

school days

we have a had a couple of really good school weeks this month. thank goodness because i was losing all hope in everything. 

there have been moments i wouldn't trade for anything i could imagine and there have been moments i would trade to scrub toilets. homeschooling is overwhelmingly full of ups and downs and has been a learning process for all of us. hopefully i will go into the ins and outs of that when i can find words.

 i did capture just a few images of one little william during our school days that i just had to remember. it hasn't been easy with a very vibrant toddler afoot vying for every ounce of me at all moments of the day. but there are many of those moments he joins right and in and i can see that little one learning!

he never lets us forget he is here. his attention span is short but focused. which is good when he's on and not so good when he's off.

he frequently cracks us up with his independence and his antics. like today. i thought i heard him go downstairs but i was right in the middle of a lesson with grey. i got grey working on an assignment and headed downstairs to check on him. this is what i found.

eating chips on the couch that he had strategically gotten from the pantry himself. 

which is strangely reminiscent of all the other times he gets into the pantry for snacks.

today, about and hour later he helps himself again to a very large bag of cheerios. he's such a cute little weasel. 

tuck pretty much lives the high life on his bike and doing all the fun things school has to offer. i haven't even been brave enough to consider formally schooling this youngster. thankfully i have a whole year and half to nail things down. and to get one more year under my belt. he's an entirely different ball game.

grey bear is doing exceptionally well with a very scattered mother who is getting her act together. thankfully he is patient and kind to me and is learning all the while.

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