Wednesday, January 16, 2013

insta january

we are settling back in after lots of holiday and post holiday travel. it was all so good but we were all ready to get back to routine.

needless to say, that routine has been overflowing with coffee. i have had my fair share and then some. one of these days maybe i'll cut back. or maybe not.

matthew and i rang in the new year in Atlanta. we had the pleasure of going to the chicfila bowl to see those clemson tigers play some football. we had a blast and enjoyed biting our nails until the very last seconds of the game. i personally think we are good luck for all of their big games and we are contemplating hiring out our services next year.

we spent the next 3 nights and days in the georgia dome as well but on a totally different note. we took 27 of our own college students to passion 2013 this year. it was a great time of perspective for me personally and i thoroughly enjoyed all that time with those particular students. i know the Lord used it to make us more aware of His majesty.

{the view from our hotel room as i fell asleep every night.}

grey bear. he gets bigger every day. here he is coming up with a new snack for himself. it was delicious actually and we've had it quite a few times since!

he also loves his hair spiked just right.

william. a cape wearing, cowboy boot lover, book reader extraordinaire, bicycle rider, charmer to the max, lip buster, almost two year old. 

tucker. never lets me take a picture of him and if he does it looks like this.

or this. always always on the go and up to something.

a little evidence of our 2013 declutteraganza. i have made huge strides in my organizational skills over the years and i am working right through this all on my own this time! 

one of my favorite things is walking upstairs and overhearing conversations that prove not only that all three of the boys are not only getting along great but also using their imaginations to the fullest. 

 {afternoon train ride.}

{hour long after dinner dance party.}

 {oh the camping tales!}

{grey reading to his brothers.}

still dating this guy.

we love having nathan, allison, garrett, and wyatt living so close! i think will and wyatt are fond of each other. man they're cute. 

enjoying january and hoping for some snow in the coming weeks!

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