Thursday, January 10, 2013

10 days in

here we are 10 days in to 2013. i guess this my inaugural 2013 post for the blog. just today i started to think on what this year holds and i got excited. i got excited because i know as the years pass and i look back, the one recurring thing i can see so clearly is growth

and i'm positive this year will not be any different. because the Lord is always faithful to grow and change us. He does the growing. 

i know this year will bring a lot of change for us. i can feel it already. i know it. i know this year we will step out in faith in bigger ways than ever before. and in that, we will depend on the Lord like we never have. i am anticipating we will be humbled more and more as the days pass and that humility before a great God will drive us in all things.

i know it's coming. we are just waiting for it to unfold. 

i don't have goals or resolutions. but i WILL plant His word in my heart and watch it come to life.

i am so thankful in this moment for those He has placed in our lives to walk all of the journey together. may we run hard with perseverance because He is always faithful.

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