Sunday, December 30, 2012

christmas morning

technically christmas eve came first. the boys couldn't wait to see poppie, marmie, and gram! we at a delicious dinner, hung the stockings (and wore them), and listened to the christmas story. we tucked them all in tight and went to work stuffing their stockings. 

the christmas morning stair picture. as has always been tradition since i was a little girl, the boys waited on the stairs until we told them they could go into the living room. 

little grey bear's inquisitive mind has questioned the reality of santa all season. his thinking coupled with our lack of playing up santa has resulted in one 5 year old that has figured the whole thing out. not every detail but he knows santa didn't bring him presents and that we filled his stocking. it's been so fun to listen to him reason through and i'm sure we will get more questions as the days pass. we are taking them as they come and letting him work through it with a little guidance. 

my mom made a scavenger hunt to find their last present. they loved this but sure had a hard time finding their gift in the end! they just had to look up!

we had a perfectly relaxing christmas day which seemed to last longer than most normal days do. that was a blessing for sure! 

1 comment:

  1. cute grey bear! so fun to hear your stories about his big, curious mind.

    p.s. i was also five when i figured it out :)



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