Sunday, December 30, 2012

christmas before christmas

we enjoyed our small family christmas at home before we left for our big family christmas travels. i traditionally make a pasta dish of sorts for dinner complete with a jazzy christmas tune. we eat bythe glow of candles and the christmas tree. the boys love this and so do we!

after dinner they get to open their gift from us. each year as we know our children better and better, it's more fun to talk about and figure out what they would just really enjoy having. this year we settled on the leap pad 2 for grey, a tackle box with all the necessities for tuck, and a puppy with a crate for will. 

it was so fun watching them open their gift. they were each so genuinely excited. 

will did think opening the present was the best part and decided he was going to finish off the rest under the tree. thankfully we stopped him in time to salvage some. 

tucker hasn't put his tackle box down since he got it. he sits on it if he's watching tv. he sleeps with it. he takes it in the car with him. definitely a winner.

grey bear was so appreciative and couldn't believe he actually got a leap pad! 

what a fun beginning to all of our celebrations.

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