Monday, December 31, 2012

a year in the life : grey 2012

our grey bear. this year brought a lot of maturity to an already old soul. he turned five, acquired lots of new skills, tried lots of new things with no fear, started kindergarten, played hard, and learned to love at a deeper level. this boy amazes us daily and i am more than privileged to spend our days together growing alongside one another. he is a leader and a servant with a heart that is so tender to the Lord that i can't help but be thrilled for the plans He has for this child. i praise God for this life that continually teaches me and pushes me towards Jesus. what an incredible gift we have to raise him. 

{january. perfect image. serious and silly. mr. responsible with a side of fun tucked away underneath it all.}

{february. manhood at it's finest. you are far beyond your years in understanding and reason.}

{march. i didn't want to use photos with others in them but when it comes to you, there's really no other choice. you absolutely adore those that surround you. you crave people and relationship. and your littlest brother has always adored YOU. you love tucker and will in a way that reminds me how to love those around me.}

{march. though you are very, very much like your father in most ways, you sure have learned to cut loose this year like your mommy. i have watched your energy go through the roof as you grow physically and for the first time can say that "boy" in you is truly shining through. you are very, very active and we have enjoyed watching this take on new forms this year.}

{may. five years old. surrounded by friends. this was heaven for you.}

{june. this picture instantly takes me to our time together this summer. me and you, usually sharing a bowl of cherries on the deck during rest time. you converse like a college student and so we never have a lack of things to discuss or work through together. our time is so very precious to me and i will never, ever take it for granted.}

{july. you have a always been extremely opposed to water in your face. the shrieks in the bathtub are not forgotten from years past. this summer you got over that in a larger way by boogying through the ocean, jumping all the way into the pool, and taking your own shower. we loved this small aspect of your growing up.}

{august. you began kindergarten. what a milestone! it is a joy to teach you in and through all our days.} 

{september. you absolutely loved every second of the beach this year. i love this photo of you. i can see you there exploring with your fingers and toes and eyes and mind. and i can see you simply enjoying yourself as you were running and jumping and just being right where you were.}

{october. you are constantly hungry to learn and master new skills. you have gained independence in so many areas this year. you want to watch and try and try again. you remain by our side and we are happy to teach you.}

{november. oh i love this photo as well. our relationship has developed into something really special this year. it's something that i haven't found words for but i know i love you more every second. i know your love for your mommy is deep and real and i am so grateful for you my son.}

{december. you learned to ride a two wheel bike and want to learn to play the guitar. you are becoming a young man.}

what a year it's been! as your daddy and i reflect on your growth, we praise the Lord for your life and can't wait to share 2013 with you.

a year in the life : tucker 2012

my sweet, spunky tucker man. gathering up the pictures for your year was absolutely the funniest thing i've done in a while. you are a fireball my little buddy. and every picture screams your personality that is fiery and precious both at the same time. you are authentic and have no reservations. your carefree personality draws others to you but you don't allow them to influence you in any way, shape, or form. you are definitely your own person and watching you develop this year has been one of extreme adventure, patience, and created a deeper love for a child a lot like your momma. 

{january. you had your guns out from the beginning of the year to the end. you are always in your own world and have a story to share. this was just the beginning of seeing that develop in you.}

{february. caught you looking at the camera for once. you and i spent our tuesday and thursday mornings together sharing stories and adventures.}

{march. you live life hard and full. this is just a glimpse of the joy we see daily in you.}

{april. you have an extreme love affair with any bug you can get your hands on. not only bugs, though they are a favorite, you love any animal and are enthralled by every aspect. i am so appreciative of this quality in you and am learning to nurture it with everything in me.}

{may. you turned three. this picture is perfect and will forever remind me of you in this year.  your love for the outdoors, especially fishing, went through the roof. you sleep with a fishing pole, tackle box, worms, etc. you are a passionate young man.}

{june. i love this picture of you jumping in, arms out, ready to make a big splash.}

{july. we found all sorts of critters this year and you were the first one to take initiative to care for, play with, and make sure we all were properly acquainted. you are a boy to your very core.}

{august. i love this photo because it shows your tender side. you are quite the snuggler and hold your bear bear close by.}

{september. i could not pick just one photo for this month. i tried and tried but this first one is that smile. it is genuine and full. full of all things that make you you. the second is what you spent your time at the beach doing. looking for fishermen that would let you fish with their gigantic fishing pole. and you caught one!!!! it made your entire life.}

{october. we spent the month hiking and camping. you play in this world at home nonstop so when we actually got to do it, you were in heaven. you are all in, all the time. and now have real experiences to replay in your own little world at home.}

{november. that joy again. it's written all over you. a pile of leaves, a new flashlight, a full backpack ready for adventure. those sure bring about that smile.}

{december. we loved living the christmas season with you. everything was exciting and anticipated. you loved the decorations, the tree, the stories, the crafts, the cookies, everything about it.}

life with the tuck man this year was nothing less than adventurous. i use that word a lot for him because that is his world. whether it's imaginative or real, it's adventurous. as we think and dream about the plans God has for him, we know they are exciting! 

a year in the life : will 2012

children grow so quickly. as i was looking back through photos to do our year end post tears welled up. i saw all the changes through simple pictures in each of our boys and i couldn't help but single them out for the year to document growth and change in their lives. 

Will changed so much physically in 2012. he learned to walk, talk, dance, and sing. he grew longer and smarter. his development in the early years is something i have enjoyed documenting month by month but to look at it over a year span is truly incredible. to watch him grow as a little boy and learn the ins and outs has been a pleasure this year. 

 {january. trying all sorts of new foods and learning to keep up with the big boys.}

{february. blue eyes playing outside lots in the warm weather. became a lover of the sandbox!}

{march. celebrated your first birthday with family and friends. the cutest little birthday boy}

{april. began seeing your charm develop and playfulness appear all at once.}

{may. first steps on a warm spring day. we all cheered and you did it again and again}

{june. big snacker this boy of ours. still watching things from a safe distance but it won't be long before you join right in.} 

{july. soaked up every minute of our cavin family beach trip. a whole lot of silly coming out!}

{august. looking and acting like such a big boy. fitting right in with your older brother's charades.} 

{september. we watched you explore and love being near the sea shore. you pay attention to every detail and like to take it all in.}

{october. developed into your own little man. your strong will, your words, your passion show their colors in full force.}

{november. that smile. shining through so bright!}

{december. always happiest with a stick in your hand and wide open spaces.}

what a year for our littlest man! 2013 is sure to bring many more adventures.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

christmas morning

technically christmas eve came first. the boys couldn't wait to see poppie, marmie, and gram! we at a delicious dinner, hung the stockings (and wore them), and listened to the christmas story. we tucked them all in tight and went to work stuffing their stockings. 

the christmas morning stair picture. as has always been tradition since i was a little girl, the boys waited on the stairs until we told them they could go into the living room. 

little grey bear's inquisitive mind has questioned the reality of santa all season. his thinking coupled with our lack of playing up santa has resulted in one 5 year old that has figured the whole thing out. not every detail but he knows santa didn't bring him presents and that we filled his stocking. it's been so fun to listen to him reason through and i'm sure we will get more questions as the days pass. we are taking them as they come and letting him work through it with a little guidance. 

my mom made a scavenger hunt to find their last present. they loved this but sure had a hard time finding their gift in the end! they just had to look up!

we had a perfectly relaxing christmas day which seemed to last longer than most normal days do. that was a blessing for sure! 


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