Thursday, July 26, 2012

down by the seashore - mostly just words

i have been trying for days to figure out how to accurately depict our beach trip this year. i don't know how. i could easily post pictures and write all about them and what's happening in each one. as i could with everything that is happening in life right now. 

but that's just not enough. 

i have a phone full of our every day, here and there and everywhere moments. they stir up in me something that makes me realize how much bigger of a picture we are in and how all of these moments are making up that picture. simple snaps that do bring me to tears. they do drum up feelings and are images of the bigger things that God is doing all around us. 

the beach is just that. part of something larger. something exceptionally big.

i love to take photographs and the beach is prime for capturing images. images truly do speak a thousand words. they somehow help to bottle up everything in that moment, whether good or bad. and they encourage me to remember. 

there is so much that i didn't capture in an image on this trip. and that's perfectly okay. because that means i was more in the moment than ever. right where i was supposed to be.

those moments of sitting still on the porch, looking at the ocean, and praising God. simply praising Him. i can't capture that in an image. but all around His glory shone. it shone so bright i could barely take it in. 

His glory.

 in family all around. in rambunctious children. in working together to build a sandcastle. in the waves that speak His greatness and all consuming power. in the perfectly placed clouds and the sun that glimmered through. in the morning moments with will and tuck on a deserted beach looking for shells. in watching them wonder. in seeing my oldest conquer fears and riding waves like it was no big deal. in conversation after conversation, encouragement to all of our souls. in walks with words exchanged and new realities. in the tide that turns because He tells it to. in an early morning run all alone. in clarity and in progress. in watching will chase the sea gulls with abandon. in cousins excitement to all be together. in tucker's joy while collecting any and every living animal he could find on the beach. in feeling the sand and watching the sky take shape. in reprimands and hard lessons. in watching the seagrass wave in the wind. in slowing down and just being able to be somewhere out of the ordinary. 

but there were still many photographs taken to simply try to bottle up all of this. i tried. i couldn't do it. i couldn't capture in an image all that happened and just was.

the images will come. probably all on their own.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

29 years

my birthday.

started with the best pancakes i've ever tasted in my life. compliments of my sweet sister steph.

oh my word. just looking at them takes me back to how incredible they were.

the events of the day went as follows.

LOTS of wave riding by the whole family. 

LOTS of sunshine, toes in the sand, blue skies, beautiful clouds, and time with family.

a nap on the beach, a few walks, coffee at every turn, and my traditional birthday cake (made by my super awesome husband) with homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream.

but by far the best gift of all was the chance to just listen. i accompanied the other 7 adults to the rocking chairs on the porch while we sat listening to the waves. and then there was this one simple question that sparked real conversation. that opened all of our hearts to one another. and i just listened to God's greatness displayed in each of their lives over the years since they were each 29 years old themselves. 

one thing remains true in all of us. He is not finished. whether we are a little more weathered in our years, or we are still on the brink, He is living and active and stirring each of our hearts. it's something very special to have with each other. and i'll never forget it. ever.

i listened. i heard. and i couldn't be more grateful for that birthday night.

Friday, July 13, 2012

jerry the tree frog

we had an american green tree frog for one whole day. the boys named him jerry and he was the apple of their eye. they talked to him, watched him hop, studied all of his tree frog-ness, and played the evening away in the grass with him. we decided it was best to let him catch his own prey and jump in long strides for the rest of his little life in the real "forest." so we let him go free.

Friday, July 06, 2012

hi again

for daddy bear:

we'll just pretend like we haven't been playing with mommy's old purse and all it's contents from when she was a little girl :) like the sunglasses above. and the lipstick. will is a master at the lipstick. i mean seriously, how cute is that kid in pink heart shaped sunglasses?! i think we'll bring them home with us.

and don't worry, dr. cavin is keeping us all healthy around here. besides the "squirrel cold" he diagnosed me with yesterday, all is well. don't go to him if your tummy hurts because "he doesn't do tummies."

grey and tuck have been walking each other with the leash...

will has been curious :)

he also sees pictures of you around and proudly proclaims "dada!" every single time.

funny story. so i told grey i would color him a picture one evening since he had colored so many for everyone else. when i asked if he had any specific instructions (because you KNOW he did), he said "no mommy, use any colors you want!" well as expected, i found him re-coloring the picture because i didn't do it right to HIS standards. oh that boy.

there have been stories galore.

and some fun pool time with ab and her girls this morning. they had a blast playing. grey was going all the way under by the time we left! seriously.

will thought he was the biggest, baddest kid around in that baby pool. 

and the boys hitched a ride on the way home.

only a few more days till you get to scoop up these little boys and kiss them all over! 


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