Thursday, June 23, 2011

beach week.sand n' surf edition

we had loads of fun at the beach last week. 

i laughed harder than i've laughed in a long time, ate THE MOST delicious pancakes on earth (thanks steph!), dug my toes in the sand, and watched my boys' and their cousins enjoy the sand n' surf.

this is one of my favorite weeks of the year. it's not just the being at the beach (even though it's is definitely my most favorite place to be) but it's the time we get to spend together. it's unique to any other time spent. the only problem is it's not long enough.

life moves too fast. but for one week, we get to move a little slower and have conversation. i get to know family a little better. and love them more where they are. because i get to know where they are.  i value quality time more than anything else. and this week provides that and then some. i am so grateful for this time which was evidenced by me crying like a baby when it was time to hug everyone goodbye.

thank you to barry and cheryl who make this all possible for us each summer. we appreciate it more than you could ever know.

and i have far too many pictures. as usual. just embrace it.

boogie boogie-ing, fishing for minnows, and digging were some of the favorite beach past-times

will even enjoyed a nap on the beach!

with papa's masterpiece of a dolphin!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


My Dad. 

Full of quiet wisdom.
Full of love.
Full of jokes.
Full of service.
Full of sacrifice.

Matthew's dad.

Full of faithfulness.
Full of mercy.
Full of grace.
Full of hope.

My boys' dad.

Full of life. 
Full of patience.
Full of laughter.

Full of Jesus.
Full of joy.

Ready to give of himself at every turn. In every moment, he is full of the man that God created him. The gift of being a father looks good on him. Just as it does on my dad. And his dad.
What beautiful examples he has. 

He has a full legacy to leave with his boys. God's requirement for men is extra large. And I am so grateful my boys have a man of God to constantly emulate. Right here at their fingertips. They don't know how good they've got it. Just as Matthew and I didn't know how good we had it.

Overflowing with gratefulness for the fathers God has given as examples in our lives. To love and teach and guide in Him.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

breathe it in: the here and now

little boys' hands fold into mine as we walk down a path, up the stairs, across the parking lot.
the cries of "mommy, mommy!" ring throughout the house and echo from room to room as little eyes search for my familiarity. 

the "good morning mommy" and the washing of dirty hands. early morning snuggles in our bed and sweet songs together. a child's heart expressed through words in prayer to a God that is "way bigger than even daddy!" 

tears to tend to. boo boo's to be kissed. faces to wipe. chubby legs to squeeze.

the sweet baby breath on my cheek as his body relaxes and drifts to sleep. i could stay there a while.

arms squeeze my neck so tight followed by very wet kisses. the comfort of a mother's love surround. and i have the privelege of being here. being here. with them.

for every second of their life so far. i am here.

i don't want to miss a minute of it. a second even. these are the moments i will one day say aloud, "i would do anything to get those precious moments back."

so as i'm in the middle of what seems like chaos with 3 very young boys, i am savoring it all up. i am committing to memory the moments that make up our life now. here and now. 

i am reading longer books and answering harder questions from my oldest. 

i am teaching him to read himself. to tell time. his address. the questions abound.

his mind is constantly in motion processing the world around him understanding it in greater depths as each day passes.

but still he wants his mommy to kiss him goodnight, to hold his hand, to snuggle with in the middle of the day. he's growing into a young boy but i still have him.

i can't keep up with the middle one. 

he's feisty. and adventurous. 

but that boy can love hard. 

he never fails to climb into my lap and snuggle that shaggy head into my chest to relax. oh i will breath it in and i wish to never let it go. 

 the joy of my baby boy. his unhindered joy. 

his babbling, his smile stretched from ear to ear and a belly laugh from the simplest looks or inflection in my voice. if life could only stay so stripped down. if i could hold them forever.

but for now i will be here in all the moments.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

done being 3

Grey Bear finished up in his 3 year old MMO class last Thursday. This was such a wonderful year for him in "school." He made some really great friends and had some really awesome teachers. I have been so very grateful for his two days a week away from mommy, Tucker, and now Will to learn and grow and develop different relationships. It has proven to be a good choice for this little man as he has grown in all sorts of ways from going to "school!" 

I have watched as he has put his memory verses in to practice. I have listened to all of his stories of friends and adventures at school. I have enjoyed putting a new craft on the refrigerator every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. I have loved listening to the songs he learns as he teaches both Tucker and I the words and movements. We have even adopted one of their class blessings into our own family. It's a favorite of Tucker's in particular. 

To say I'm sad this year is done is an understatement. He will be going more often next year and I just don't know if I'm ready for it. I know he is, but I don't think I am. That's an entirely separate post to even begin to address that. 

They made a book for their Mommy's and Daddy's where they answered questions. I thought I would share a few of the questions and responses...

What does your Mom do all day when you are at school? she plays with Tucker {pretty spot on!}

What is your Mom's favorite TV show? the cook shows

What does Daddy do at his job? works on his computer

What do you want to be when you grow up? a daddy

What does your family do that makes you laugh? they make funny faces

Who is the smartest person you know? me!

And that's that! I hope his 4 year old teachers are ready for the little Grey Bear!


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