Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

for comparisons sake

I am asked frequently who I think Will looks like. To be honest, I really haven't had any strong opinions on the matter. He changes day by day. 

I finally got the ol' hard drive hooked up and found some pictures of all the boys at around 5 weeks. I was surprised at what I saw and slightly embarrassed that I didn't remember vividly what each child looked like as a baby.

Grey Bear

Tuck Man

and William

any thoughts?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

WRC.one month

a whole month has already passed us by since William entered our world. 

A few tidbits on our littlest man. He has been such a joy for all of us in his first month.

When he is awake he is very alert and watches me intently. He is tracking faces and will calm down if he is able to focus in on a face. I love looking down at those big blue eyes! He loves being held up where he can see over our shoulder. He will stretch that neck out to see what's going on around him.

Everyone comments on the fact that he can sleep through so much noise! He better be able to because it is rarely quiet around here. He is an excellent sleeper and is on a great schedule. In fact, in celebration of his being a month old on Friday he slept from 10 pm - 5 am Thursday night! Now I did not get my hopes up but he did really great the next night too. Typically, I am only up with him once in the night between 2 and 3 am and then again around 6:30 am. Of course I'm usually awake ready for the day by 6:30! He naps well during the day too, getting in some long afternoon stretches like Tuck did. I appreciate that all three boys give me about an hour in the middle of day all to myself :)

He also is an excellent eater! He eats on a 3-3.5 hour schedule and has gained 2.5 lbs since birth! I took him to the doctor on the actual day he was a month old...when does that actually happen?! He weighed in at 11 lb 8 oz and is now 22 inches long. A growing, healthy boy for sure! He is wearing 0-3 and 3 month clothes to cover all his expanding chub that I love!

We are soaking up these sweet sweet baby days with you, Sir William!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

TEC.almost 2

Tuck Man is just blossoming these days.

He still does classic Tucker things. You know, like bringing me handfuls of poop. His poop. And smiles like he just accomplished something excellent. Of course for him, that is some kind of accomplishment. {note: this never fails to occur as I'm nursing Will, the most opportune time to bring me handfuls of poop.}

Then there are other new things. Like his language. It is exploding and we are really enjoying getting a little verbal glimpse into that mind of his. He is communicating complex things and speaking in short sentences. Though his verbal skills have developed later than Grey's, he's really taking off. I'm sure having a big brother who won't stop talking has something to do with his picking it up :)

He is able to follow multi-step directions. Which also means that he suffering consequences more often for being defiant. Whew. He's a tough one sometimes. 

And then there are the times where he's not so tough. He can give the biggest bear hugs and tuck his little head right in the sweet spot where the shoulder meets the neck. Mmm those are precious moments. I am soaking them all up and bottling them in my memory bank for the days when he doesn't even want to sit in my lap anymore...oh dear, I can't even go there.

He is big into singing these days. I mean he's singing a lot. Some of his favorites include but are not limited to "ABC's," "Jesus Loves the Little Children," "Jesus Loves Me," "Frosty the Snowman," "Wheels on the Bus," and any blessing we sing before meals. He picks up the tune and the words pretty quickly and likes to sing-a-long to almost any song. Before bed we all sing together and if Grey is absent from the room (usually before his nap) he cries and yells for him until he comes to sing him to sleep.

In his bed with him there is a rather large front loader truck, a book about dogs, a Mickey Mouse look and find book, Bear Bear, Doggie,  a pillow, and his Clemson blanket that he likes to be covered up with for naps and bedtime. There's not much room for him but that's the way he likes it. He puts his big ol' truck on his tummy and sings it to sleep. And good luck if we try to go in a remove it later.  He is definitely teaching me the meaning of "choose your battles."

Outside is still his choice place of residence. As I watched the movie Babies recently, I made the comment that Tucker would definitely be much happier living like the little African babies. They literally live outside, play in the dirt, drink water straight from streams, and bang rocks together. That would pretty much be heaven on earth for Tuck.

He doesn't go far without his fishing pole and bobber. Now that is one thing I refuse to let him sleep with. And I do pay for that with screams and crying for his "pole and bobber." I see a good ol' fashioned fishing trip in the near future.  

He's the fastest little man and can find trouble around every turn. If I was a neat freak or over cautious (both of which I am totally not) I would spend all day cleaning that boy and telling him to "get down!" or "come back here!" Now I do say those things all too often but I wouldn't do anything else. I am convinced I can just give him a hose and put him on the deck before too long and he'll maybe stay in one place for more than 5 seconds.

Can't believe he'll be 2 years old next month. Time goes entirely too fast.

Monday, April 11, 2011

i am loving

with a mind as chaotic as mind, this little website is transforming things for me. i am just getting started but loving the little bit i've used it so far! i will have to be careful not to let it take up a lot of my time. i can get lost looking around and pinning things left and right. check it out and enjoy!!! it's genius.


:this guy:
he is just the sweetest. he's growing like a weed and will be a month old already on Friday! he's still bringing in the visitors and he has no idea how happy that makes his mommy. 


:that my two oldest are sharing a room and loving it themselves. we braced ourselves the first night {last weekend} to intercede time and time again. thankfully after tucker got over his EXTREME excitement to be in the same room as grey, they both fell fast asleep until 7 am the next morning! I should have videoed it. tucker kept standing up, looking over the edge of his crib, yelling "hey grey!" over and over again. followed by grey coming out of the room with tucker screaming for him to tell us, "tucker keeps waking me up."  tucker finally settled down but was just as excited to wake up next to his big brother the next morning.  and a week and a half later, they both are still loving it.

tucker has also always been a fantastic sleeper so i had planned on not messing that up with a new baby in the house. last friday, on a whim, i decided why not try them together?! it's always been our ultimate plan that they would share a room so while they are really loving being together and playing together we took a shot in the dark.  it proved to be a great decision! 

grey told me tonight, "mom, sleeping in the same room with a little brother is hard work! but i'm really good at it." good job little buddy.


:and this:

tucker is truly blossoming into a big brother worthy of praise. he wanted to hold will all day today followed with kisses and hugs. even the crying didn't turn him off but made him all the more loving. who is this kid?! i sure am loving this side of him towards his little brother because before long he will be hitting and tackling him just like he does to his big brother!


:my husband. i know that seems like a given but i just appreciate all that makes him well, him. he is a gift for sure. 

cara cara oranges
oh my. we have been through quite a few 5 lb. bags of these puppies. they are absolutely delicious. i eat one every morning for breakfast and every night for dessert. and sometimes i have one in the middle of the day. thank goodness sams has 5 lbs. for $5. oh yum!!! if you haven't tried them yet, go to the store, buy a 5 lb. bag and eat until your belly is content. they leave you just wanting more and you'll have to send your spouse out at an inconvenient time just to get some more. matthew would also say to put them in the fridge until they're really cold, slice them, and eat. seems as though it's about time for one right now!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

...and we're back

i have been out of commission for quite some time. i have so much blogging to catch up on i don't know where to start. 

i guess i'll start with why i have been out of commission. besides going non-stop with three lively boys, my computer decided at just the right time to never ever work again. oh my, the drama. everything would have been a-okay if i would have diligently backed up any pictures from the time will was born until it died. matthew made the comment that night that at least i had backed up everything except the last three weeks. unfortunately that was when will was just a little over two weeks old!  fortunately my brother-in-law, christopher, was able to recover my hard drive for me. whew. so the pictures are safe and sound. and i am up and running on one awesome new computer that i am loving. lesson learned. i will be purchasing an online back up program for my entire computer from now on.

in other news, this is close to an accurate picture of an every day moment around here.

grey bear is constantly asking to hold his littlest brother. he is also frequently caught picking him up to bring him to me when he is crying. he has been such a fantastic helper and was recently rewarded with a date with mommy for being such a great big brother! as soon as i informed him we would be going on a date he excitedly said, "oh, i'll have to wear my woody costume!" and he had it laying out ready to go for 3 days. i love that little boy. 

tuck man is consistently gentle with will. he shares his blankets {BIG DEAL!} and tries to share his paci. will doesn't like pacis and it really doesn't sit well with tuck. he also consistently eats with a front loader and a horse. they make meal times much more fun. 

i love that little boy too.

i have so much on my mind to document i need to get back to blogging! be back soon...


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