Tuesday, March 29, 2011

visitors and views

 Having a baby sure does bring in the visitors by the dozens and I couldn't love it more! Though I know they are not coming to see me, I still reap the benefits of their stay to see the littlest man around here. I have only remembered a handful of times to actually capture the faces that grace our presence daily so I thought I would post a few for Will to remember one day. 

Marmie and Poppie have been quite the staple around here lately. What a gigantic help they have been! I never would have settled in so easily had they not been here. 

Karen, Meredith, and Lauren got to come visit one warm afternoon. These ladies are beyond special to our family! 

Uncle Nathan, Aunt Allison, Garrett, and baby boy Tidd also got to come for a visit on their way back to Jacksonville. How we wish they lived so much closer! Grey, Garrett, and Tucker played the morning away while we got in some good time together. It was sad to see them go.

Krista, Adam, and Mrs. Jenny came up from next door to visit. We always enjoy time with them and thankfully we can see them anytime we want!

Krista is quite the little mama to all of our boys. She is such a sweet girl!

Mrs. Deborah and Mr. Bill (Billington) brought us a delicious meal and stayed to chat and hold Will for a while. God has certainly blessed us in innumerable ways here with the friendships he's given. 

I sure wish I would have gotten a picture of everyone who's been to visit. Maybe I'll be quicker on the camera in the next few weeks!

I have enjoyed watching life happen around here since we've added Will to our family. Here are a few of the views I have been enjoying.

The boys are doing far better than I ever imagined they would do with their baby brother. That mainly applies to the Tuck Monster. I'm sure I will post more on that soon!

Friday, March 25, 2011

going home

During our stay at the hospital, we passed this pretty picture in the flipping of channels quite a few times. We enjoyed it so much we took a picture to remember forever.

Really, we enjoyed watching this sweet face during the majority of our stay which was in itself very short. 

I was ready to go the day after you were born. You were such a healthy little boy it allowed us to leave after you were 24 hours old! Daddy and I spent some quiet moments with you before we left to go home to quite a rowdy house. 

You were wide eyed for our ride home! 

Your big brothers greeted us at home along with Marmie and Poppie. We all enjoyed you before it was time for Grey and Tuck to hit the sack. They gazed and awed at you. Who wouldn't?!

And Grey made sure you still had all your precious fingers and toes.

And Tuck sure did take a liking to you after you were in his territory and he didn't have so much to explore. 

We are so happy to have you home. You are instantly a part of us and we are loving every minute of sweet you!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the big brothers

Baby Will, name of choice, given to you by your brothers. Both of them, in such sweet voices, call you by this name. 

Dr. Hilton captured all of these moments for us and I will hold them close forever. Each image tells the story of you meeting your two big brothers.

Grey Bear could barely get into the room fast enough to meet you. Look at his eager spirit!

Tucker followed close behind him and stopped to give mommy a hug. 

Grey's first look at you. He was full of life and joy in meeting you. He will look out for you always. He will teach you all sorts of things, sing to you, read to you, and love you with the most tender heart.

If you already knew your brother, Tucker, you would completely understand why he headed straight for the food after hugging mommy. It's just what he does. He's a mess.

Grey wanted to hold you and squeeze you the entire time he was there to visit. 

Not to mention counting all your fingers and toes and checking over every inch of your newborn body to make sure things were okay. He also was very concerned about your bellybutton. He rubbed and inspected you for quite some time making comments such as "look at those precious little toes!" We got that on video :)

Then we all three had our picture made together. Tucker still wasn't too interested. He was more interested in the awesome birthday cupcakes Grey and Marmie made to celebrate your day. 

Then we gave him a cup of hospital ice (mmm mmm) and sat him beside you and Grey. That's when he first noticed you...

Of course he wanted to point out your eyes but don't worry, Grey was there to quickly protect you and show Tucker how to be gentle. 

{mommy's favorite photo}

Then Tuck had a turn to hold you. He did great for the 3.4 seconds you were in his arms and seemed rather thrilled to be holding someone smaller than him. Get ready for fun adventures with this big brother. He will make you laugh till you can't breathe and teach you how to master the art of playing with sticks and rocks. He's a blast!

They all gave you kisses and were off to bed! 

Then Uncle David got to come for a visit! He was in Charlotte working for the week and we were so very excited that you got to meet him. 

Along with our favorite neighbor Mrs. Jenny! She will spoil you with juice and snacks. She will be your favorite too, I promise.

Mrs. Karen and Lauren also came to visit and I completely failed to get a picture of you with them. Oh my, just wait until you get to spend time with those two!

Then you were pooped and slept GREAT that night. Boy we love you.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

first hours

Oh Sir William...my most affectionate name for you yet.

Your birthday is so special to us.  Mommy had a smile on my face most of the day. I don't have a picture of Daddy, but his smile doubled mine. We were so ready to meet you, to hold you, to know you.

I smiled most of the day until these got real bad....

It was well worth the little pain I felt for this sweet moment. Tears flooded down my cheeks as I first saw you, my son. I knew the name Daddy and I chose for you fit you perfectly in that moment. To hear you immediately scream as you made your entrance into our world was the most comforting sound. As you screamed, your bottom lip poked out and Daddy and I looked at each other and both said, "he looks just like Tucker!"

This is Mommy's first moment of holding you in my arms. I carefully inspected every inch of you admiring your beautiful pink color, your very very blonde hair, blue eyes, and all things healthy baby boy! 

The nurses cleaned you up, weighed you, made sure things were in their rightful place, and gave you back to me. I had the opportunity to nurse you in a quiet room. I will always cherish these few first moments alone with you. You were alert and ready to eat, exactly what I had prayed for. I told you all about your family and then proceeded to sing Jesus Loves Me. Unfortunately, you immediately quit eating and started screaming like a banchie. I stopped and you resumed eating. 

Daddy had his first look at you and you cried again. He just laughed and kissed you a lot. 

The troops came in. 
Marmie was first to hold you and admire all your handsomeness. She is quite the Marmie to look up to. Get ready for lots of fun, active play time with this special one. She will love you like no other and will be your biggest fan.

Then Gigi. It seems as though you immediately admired her. And you should. She is a woman of high esteem. She will encourage and love you for years to come. 

Poppie. He's a man of few words and much wisdom. He will teach you how to fix a sink as well as teach you the aerodynamics of flying a kite. He will let you help and let you fail but never leave your side. You will cherish this relationship.

Oh Papa. He will love you with all of his heart. I mean ALL of his heart. He will be the best example of what loving others looks like. Watch and learn. 

Daddy and Mommy. We can't wait to raise you as our son. A gift to us. 

Next you enjoyed your first bath. 

And relaxed under the warm light while Mommy got ready to take you upstairs for our first night together. Little did you know you were about to meet your big brothers! 

But not before Dr. Hilton got to spend some quiet time with you. She prayed for your life throughout the day and delivered you into this world in the most calm, confident manner. You are very special to her as she is so special to us. Her confidence is in the Lord and we were so confident in her! She was more than a doctor. She is a friend, our videographer, and phototographer for the day! 

Next up: time with your big brothers!


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