Saturday, May 01, 2010


We are learning to share around our house. It comes in spurts but yesterday afternoon was very successful. Of course it involved food.

Tucker took a break from eating to take part in his favorite outside activity. Pushing the scooter. He so wishes he could ride! 

There's nothing like a big brother that just shared half of his beloved snack!

Noteworthy: The outfit Tuck is wearing is brought to you by yours truly! This is my very first outfit I made for him and the first time he is wearing it. I have another couple in the works  :)


  1. Meg, great job on the outfit for Tuck. I'm not surprised that you would do such beautiful work... after all your Mom is the best teacher... She taught me too, many years ago how to smock and sew.

    Loved seeing the photos!

  2. Thanks A. Julie! My mom is a GREAT teacher. I don't have the courage up quite yet to go at it all on my own but if given about 3 hours, I MIGHT could complete another. I have almost completed one other and have fabric for at least 3 more. I really enjoy it! I'll add in the smocking once i get the hang of my sewing machine. it's her old one so i'm trusting it to do some good work :)



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