Wednesday, May 26, 2010 year

As I have been reminiscent all day thinking back over the past year with Tucker, I can't help but smile. He automatically brings joy to me. Upon entering this world, he came with the cord around his neck and was quite the shade of bluish gray. As Matthew and I saw him we both immediately began to question. After a few calm slaps on the back he turned a beautiful pinkish color and started to scream. What a beautiful sight and sound. 

He hasn't really slowed down since. We have loved watching him grow physically and explore his world. And explore he does. He enjoys being outside most of all and watching cars, trucks, planes, lawnmowers, you name it. If it's loud and moving, he is mesmerized. 

He is still prefers Mommy over anyone else if I am in his sight. I hear "mama, mama, mama" all day! Otherwise, he has a happy time with anyone. He copies us all whether is barking with Oscar or yelling with Grey. He nods his little head and says "mmm hmm" when you ask him a question. He is walking everywhere and would prefer if I leave him barefoot. He has eaten so much dirt and chewed on so many rocks I can't keep count. I am thankful he does eat a wide array of regularly ingested foods as well. 

I got an email today (one of those that keeps you up on their development) titled "Your Toddler at One Year." He is a toddler. No more baby. THAT made me sad. Grey even mentioned today what a big boy he is. "No more baby Tucker Mama" were his words exactly. 

As I mentioned above, it has been a pleasure watching him grow in his first year of life. I took lots of pictures today. (anyone surprised? anyone?) We celebrated from the moment he woke up to the moment he fell asleep both times singing "happy birthday to you" which he thought was just great!

the gift of a brother!

playing at Plaza Fiesta

he has quite a few "little mamas"

daddy came to lunch :)

we had a little ice cream for dessert after dinner. tucker started out with trying to use a spoon on his own and well, you'll see where it went from there!

then he saw a plane

and ended the evening watching mr. chris mow his yard. what better way to end your first birthday!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Matthew and I have been blessed with some really good quality time lately. And by really good, I mean REALLY good. {side note: I may have mentioned it before but Matthew is so incredibly helpful to me in fleshing things out in my life. He helps me get out what's swimming around in my head and make sense of it. I have a really hard time doing this on my own. Thank goodness God gave him to me.} In those times I have been trying to put into words what is going on in my heart but it just isn't coming easy. 

I just finished up an amazing study on Hebrews. It is SO much to process and I have been trying for weeks on end to wrestle with all the knowledge God has poured into me. The truth is Jesus came to this earth as man being fully God and fulfilled everything that was required by God so that I could have a relationship and an inheritance with Him. I am taking the understanding of who Jesus is and what He accomplished on my behalf into how I am supposed to hold fast to the hope that I have in Him. I want so badly to be obedient but fall short ever so often.

As I was driving to Wal-Mart today, I found my ipod buried under a million veggie tales cds and plugged her in. Much to my surprise I chose a Matt Papa album. Oh the truth that man can preach through beautiful music! I am constantly humbled in worshiping with him. Anyhow, as I was listening to one of my favorites I realized all that was in my heart, he had already put to song. And then the tears came. 

Hymn in C by Matt Papa

God of love You came to earth
Born in a manger, the incarnate Word
Full of grace and full of truth
You healed the leper, You made all things new
Religion despised Your word of love
Condemned You to die in Your innocence 
A crown of thorns and mockery
Were Yours my Savior, my precious King

Stained with blood and bruised with pain
The Lamb of God on a cross of shame 
Never before and never again
Was love so great, was death so grim
There on the hill You died for me
you took my sin, gave me liberty
I'll never boast but in Your cross
And all my gains I now count as loss

When sins they rob my heart of joy
And condemnation seems to steal even more
This I recall, You rose again
And I rose with You, hallelujah amen
So if I live in want, or die in shame
To live is You and to die is gain 
I in You and You in me
My God, my brother, my identity

Were I tempted with the best of earth 
All it's pleasures and all it's gold
And if fame in all it's kingdoms
Was in my hands to hold
I'd scorn it all for You've given me
The treasure of Your Son
And now I'm richer than the richest
For You've given me Your love

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

nap hair

This little buddy gets the most incredible nap hair some days. I would go as far as to say his hair reflects his personality these days. I love it! 

*note: I do understand the quality of these pictures is extremely poor. I apologize.

Monday, May 17, 2010


We had the chance to go strawberry picking last Monday. I look forward to this every year. The Springs here in Fort Mill produce some VERY tasty strawberries and I freeze them to use year round. 

Again, Tucker was very big in my belly last year when we picked and this year he joined us and was all about it! Grey had to show him the ropes.

and Tucker was not far behind!

Tucker did prefer to dip his in the dirt and then eat them. He would find a hole in the plastic and stick them in. Every single time he would do this. Pretty gross but very Tucker.

I found this particular picture disturbingly funny. Check out the hand on the hip, sorority pose.

much better.

We have been chowing down on strawberries all week and man are they delicious! We may make one more trip before they're gone!

Friday, May 14, 2010


We had the opportunity to go to Carowinds for free last Friday so we loaded the boys up and headed out. Despite the looks in the following picture (we were waiting in line to get in) I think they both had a blast. 

Matthew took Grey last spring as I was very pregnant with a big ol' baby boy. But I got to go this year with that big ol' baby boy to enjoy the sights. And oh my, he was mesmerized! He watched the roller coasters intently all morning and even caught a quick ride with the guys on the carousel!

Grey actually took off like an ol' pro. I was really surprised seeing as he is apprehensive about most things. 

He got on this particular ride VERY enthusiastically but as it progressed in to full force...

He looked a little more like this...

I have a feeling this little guy is going to ride everything possible when he's big enough! Watching and learning.

Grey rode all the rides for his height and cried hysterically when he was too short for the pirate ship roller coaster. He had a great time otherwise. I even got to ride an old favorite.  There's nothing like a nice sweaty, sticky seat and the thrill of Top Gun. (which is no longer named Top Gun but some weird name)

We all got to ride the train together which was nice after a long hot morning.

Tuck was exhausted from all that watching he did.

Choo choo!

And we ended the day with quite the funnel cake. wow is the only word i can think of to possibly describe it's massiveness of sugar. They've taken things to a whole new level since I was young. 

Guess we'll catch you next year Carowinds!


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