Wednesday, March 17, 2010

for this season

'tis the season for spring cleaning. At least i have a very willing helper this year. 

I really wish I could hire someone to come organize my house for me. I can keep it clean and organized once it's done but the initial organization is where I struggle. I've got nothing. Just ask my mom. And my husband. 

I tend to make a rather large mess taking everything apart and having NO idea where to put it but knowing I didn't like where it was in the first place. I have a problem. I constantly want to rearrange our furniture, put fresh holes in the walls, and basically undo everything that's already been done. 

I've come to accept we will never, at least not for this season of our lives, have new furniture that we buy to fit our home. I am ok with that. I will just rearrange and rearrange and rearrange every 6 months or so. Matthew says he loves this about me and maybe he does. BUT I do know every time he comes home and I have been up to something, he sighs very heavily. 

This brings me to a subject that is constantly on my mind. I AM SO INCREDIBLY THANKFUL FOR THIS SEASON OF LIFE. 

I am grateful for this season of small children. For this season of having just enough to pay our bills, for food and necessities and not enough for things that don't actually matter. For this season of learning discipline. For this season of friends. For this season of ministry. For this season of a thriving marriage. For this season of depending on the Lord. For this season of hope. For this season of learning that it's not about me in ALL things, it's not about me. 

I know this season will pass and we will learn and grow and the next season of life will be just as sweet or hard or filled with joy and sadness. I don't know, but the God that carries us through every season does know and He chooses each and every good and not so good thing that happens, for His glory alone. Praise Him in His sovereignty and grace to allow me to experience  every season. 

For now, I will continue to "spring clean" with my little helper in our home that has been graciously provided for us. and i will enjoy every minute of it. 


  1. As you know we have always lived on a very tight budget. In fact there were 4 years that we lived on thousands less than our living expenses. It was truly a "God time" in our lives, unlike any others. I'll never forget watching $30.00 worth of food last for 2 weeks, or the times that we needed tires desperately and there was no money to pay them... and one day I sat down in church and there was an envelope on my chair with more than enough money to pay for the tires... I will never, ever, ever forget seeing the provision of my God.

    And now Hannah is engaged... yes, she got engaged last night... Long story, sweet story! This will be our 2nd wedding in 9 months with a God budget. Just as we watched Him cover all of Courtney's wedding we now get to watch Him cover Hannah's! It will be glorious...

    I am so blessed to see your gratefulness for this season. God is in our midst.. doing things that we have no clue of. It's a stunning invitation to know Him deeply, intimately in ways that will be exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ask or imagine. I LOVE that about Him!

    Love you, Meg...
    Aunt Julie

  2. great post Megan! As a fellow mom in 'this season', I need to hear these reminders.

  3. Maybe I could come help you organize for some photography lessons! I started reading PW's photo blog, but not getting much practice.

  4. Aunt Julie - I would much rather have to depend on the Lord than myself. I'm pretty sure He's more dependable!
    Congrats to you on another wedding! so exciting :)

    Amanda - i have to remind myself OFTEN!

    Reagan - PLEASE help me! I could use ANY help I can get. I would love more than anything to teach you the little I know about photography in exchange :)



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