Monday, February 22, 2010

preparing to plant!

The warm weather took us outside to play and to work.
After dressing himself on Saturday morning, Grey wanted to go out and start digging. 
Just so I was clear about what exactly he was doing he kept reassuring me, "Mommy, I'm just doing my job."

Tucker also did his job. 

Cleaning up the yard, getting it ready to FINALLY plant some real grass, and being in the warm sun got me excited about all kinds of gardening. Saturday night I sat down to do some researching on gardening in different parts of our yard. I came across this awesome site that is really very helpful! Check it out and it may help you too in your spring fever state.

I cannot wait to get my hands in the dirt and watch God's beautiful creation bloom! Here's to spring! 


  1. I am SO ready for Spring too!
    Hey, I know someone else has asked you this before and I think I did somewhere along the way before, maybe not on here do you get your pictures so big?

  2. There was some update I did a while back that made all the editing and picture uploading A LOT easier and gives you more options. It's awesome really. Check through all your settings. I'm not quite sure where it was :)



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