Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Tucker is growing and changing moment by moment. I just want to snatch each one up and hold on forever. I do take lots of pictures trying to capture the moment. Then I prefer to jump right into it after a few snaps. 

This past month has been full. Full of exciting things, challenging things, and things that bring me to tears. 

First off, Grey has been really sick this month with mono which was a tough time all around. Tucker joined in with a high fever for about 4 days as well. Luckily we got over that and I'm hoping things continue to look up from here on out. Though the days were challenging taking care of two sick boys, I did continue to thank God for mono being the only sickness that had entered their bodies. It could have been a lot worse. 

Upon our return home from our trip to Passion at the beginning of January,  apparently Tucker thought I abandoned him. He's always been a momma's boy but things got BAD when we got back. He was uncharacteristically, over-the-top momma's boy with a scream that woke the neighbors if I was out of his sight or not holding him. Talk about a challenge. Grey and I could only take so much. This is what happened when he anyone, other than me, tried to entertain him.

Thankfully he seems to be over that hurdle as well. Needless to say, very little got done around here for a few weeks.

Tucker is also getting used to having a few more bottles in his every day life. This is the "bring me to tears" part of the month. This is for reasons I will not go into here and now. It's been hard for me to accept. I do know this is best and has been proven true this week. Thankfully I am still able to nurse him mornings and evenings as of now. There's nothing like those precious moments. I hate letting go of them.

On to exciting...mobility brings excitement! 

Tucker has made a "playground" for himself under the table. He squeals and entertains himself for long amounts of time cruising around the chairs.

Proud? VERY! 

He is entertained mostly by Oscar, Grey, and loves a good wagon ride. 

I see A LOT of this these days...a little bootie in the face. Like I said, he's a busy boy exploring all kinds of new things. 

Like leaves.

and books.

and helping me with unload the dishwasher. (don't worry, i did take that knife away from him.) 

and eating LOTS of baby food. he keeps me busy whipping it up. he, unfortunately, snubs prepackaged food. (doesn't his hair look unusually red in this picture?)

he enjoys watching for daddy with a careful eye. 

oh that paci. i'm afraid it's going to stick around a while.

Tuck has started trying to wave. Unfortunately I haven't caught this "moment" yet. He is imitating sounds and giggling heartily. Hopefully he'll take after his daddy in that area. 

I wouldn't trade one single moment with this boy! Even the MOST challenging ones thus far. He brings me so much joy I cannot put it into words. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be his mommy. I will continue to try taking it all in as the moments pass ever so quickly.

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