Wednesday, December 02, 2009

vacation 2009.part two

I apparently left the very little picture taking skill that I have at home but took my love for taking pictures to the beach. Get ready...

Grey was quite the lover of sand.

AND water, cold water!

there was lots of running on the beach. chasing...


Great time with family!

Tuck even loved the sand.

AND Tuck liked making funny faces.

more sand. more sand. and more sand. what else do you do at the beach when it's cold?!

the biggest BEAR and his Nikon.

I totally love this picture of Grey and Maddie. It looks like an engagement picture. too bad they're cousins and Maddie is about 2 feet taller than Grey.


Like I said, picture taking skill was left behind. Tuck's still cute.

both smiling at the camera. never happens.

Tyson is in there. Can you guess where he is?

Love the cobblestone.

Last evening on the beach and last picture I will post. 


  1. aw-w! You were here? We didn't get to see you? Looks like you had a great time--next time, call us! :)

  2. i think the pictures are great! love the one of matthew chasing grey on the beach.



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