Monday, December 14, 2009


When we found out last year that God had chosen again to allow us to raise up another child is the moment that in my heart I told the Lord that this baby was His. We understand that God, as His precious Word states, knits us together in the womb and has blessed our family with another one of his perfect creations in Tucker Ellis Cavin. 

Yesterday was our public dedication of Tucker to our Heavenly Father. We were given a charge that we are now held accountable to by our church body. There were so many (eleven in our service! and we have three services!) beautiful families being challenged to do the same with their children. It was so encouraging to be alongside other believers who desire to raise up godly children just as Matthew and I do. 

It is one of the scariest things...raising children. BUT God is faithful to provide each and every measure of patience, wisdom, discipline, guidance, etc. to lead them to know and obey His standards. My dependence on God in this area is greater each day with the different demands and challenges that face me.

Matthew and I do desire above all else to seek our God consistently. We will live in the grace that He alone provides each day and teach and guide our children with the Word of God. How great and beautiful the journey is and will be!

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