Monday, November 30, 2009

vacation 2009.part one

After a wonderful week at the beach with family, I'm sorting through tons upon tons of pictures that were taken. Here's just one of the Grey Bear. I will post more as soon as my eyelids don't feel like 500 lb. weights. 

Vacation blurb: We had a week full of laughter, kiddos, games, Beatles Rock Band, sand, rain, shopping, each other, and as always really great food. The Cavin family had 3 beautiful additions throughout the summer so it was decided our annual trip to the beach would be held Thanksgiving week.

Isle of Palms was a great choice this time of year to vacation. There was lots to do when the rain was present. Mostly we just enjoyed some solid hanging out time! It made me so excited for next summer when babies are bigger and the sun is warm :)

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