Monday, November 30, 2009

vacation 2009.part one

After a wonderful week at the beach with family, I'm sorting through tons upon tons of pictures that were taken. Here's just one of the Grey Bear. I will post more as soon as my eyelids don't feel like 500 lb. weights. 

Vacation blurb: We had a week full of laughter, kiddos, games, Beatles Rock Band, sand, rain, shopping, each other, and as always really great food. The Cavin family had 3 beautiful additions throughout the summer so it was decided our annual trip to the beach would be held Thanksgiving week.

Isle of Palms was a great choice this time of year to vacation. There was lots to do when the rain was present. Mostly we just enjoyed some solid hanging out time! It made me so excited for next summer when babies are bigger and the sun is warm :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

tis the season

 When Grey gets up from his nap, he's still pretty snuggly. We snuggle for a few minutes and then he always asks for a snack. Yesterday he wanted to sit by the back door and "talk about somefing" while having his snack. So that's what we did. 

Matthew and I anticipate Christmas like 3 year olds. Needless to say we have been talking a lot about Christmas, more specifically that Christmas is about Jesus. We have already made plans to celebrate Advent in our home in hopes that through the holiday season our hearts will be set on Christ. (so get ready for our daily 25 Days of Advent posting galore starting December 1, 2009)

Grey and I's "talk about somefing" consisted of a whole lot of Jesus and why we actually celebrate Christmas. I went on to tell him about our 25 Days of Advent that we are going to do together this year. We talked about some of the things we could do that would help us to remember and look forward to the birth of Jesus. He got SO excited! I want to approach this season of hope and joy with the anticipation of Grey. 

We pulled out our Christmas decorations today. As we were putting them around the house Matthew and I talked a lot about how it's different this year for us. We thank the Lord that He has changed our hearts and are so excited to see how we celebrate in the years to come as He continues to grow us more and more. I cannot wait to continue to have conversations with my 2.5 year old about this very topic and see the Christmas season and birth of Jesus through his eyes. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


this little rascal has been busy lately.  

just  playing his little heart out!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Beautiful" Weekend

You wouldn't believe it if I told you about our trip to Savannah this weekend. We stayed in an incredible home, ate delicious meals, and had wonderful fellowship with high school students. We did all of this for FREE thanks to Jimmy and Paula Dyal. 
Tucker and I got to go with this sweet stud...

and about 40 other people on a high school retreat to Savannah for a BEAUTIFUL weekend. Jimmy and Paula Dyal built a 12,000 sq. foot (that's right twelve thousand sq. foot) home for the sole purpose of providing a place for groups to come and grow in the Lord whether they are ministering in Savannah or fellowshipping and growing spiritually away from home.This home was complete with a lazy river in the back yard, a porch that wrapped around the entire house, food available at any point and lots of fun teenagers. We had the privilege of meeting Jimmy and Paula and having an incredible time away with students. 

We had tons of fun hanging out with each other. 


We had Lawn Game Olympics.

Tucker made new friends, ate, slept, smiled, giggled, and squealed with delight. He loved it!

The main point of the weekend was to give the students and opportunity to take a spiritual gifts and personality test so that they would know how God knit them together to use them for His glory. This was a lot of fun and sparked good conversation. Speaking of spiritual gifts, Jimmy and Paula were a PERFECT example to all of us of what it looks like to actually use your gifts and personality for God's glory. They are givers and they gave and gave and gave all weekend. It was really beautiful. 

This weekend was crucial for me in ministry. There are many ways I have come  to accept that I am ministering to students indirectly through supporting my husband. Our two small children are such a blessing but make all the ins and outs of ministry harder for me to be in it all the time.  I had to step back for the summer after just having Tuck. It was extremely difficult to hang back.

BUT God did give me the desire to completely jump in and SPEND TIME with students. I am so thankful for my parents to keep Grey for the weekend so that Tucker and I could tag along. I told Matthew that he wouldn't believe what the weekend did for me as far as connecting with students. He knows how important it is and I could see the joy on his face to have me alongside in ministry. Again, it was really beautiful. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

practice makes perfect

I decided to take a little time on a rainy day to practice taking pictures on some really cute subjects. I have been reading up on lots of different techniques involving exposure and composition and today was a good day to practice. As you will notice, there are more of the Tuck Man simply because he cannot move once I put him somewhere. AND he smiles beautifully and genuinely and is just plain happy that I'm taking his picture. His big brother on the other hand...

Friday, November 06, 2009

precious time

Little Tucker has the opportunity to be an only child for the weekend. Grey got to go to Papa and Gigi's house for the weekend. Matthew also left today to go hunting and camping. 

So that left just me and Tuck! I underestimated how precious our time together would be. (I also forgot what it's like to be able to give one child undivided attention) I have a long list of things to do that was completely neglected this afternoon. Instead I got down on the floor and played, played, and played some more with Tuck! I enjoyed every minute of it. We giggled and nuzzled and explored together. 

While I do get a couple of hours on Tuesday and Thursday mornings when Grey is at school, this time has been different. It's just been good. It has reminded me of all the countless intentional hours I spent with Grey that I have not been able to have with Tucker in quite the same way. Tomorrow we may just enjoy a little more mommy and Tucker time while I neglect "the list" a little longer...

Monday, November 02, 2009

yum yum

I am really loving my new venture of making baby food. I made lots today to freeze but Tuck got a little taste before it was all frozen. The butternut squash (which if you've never had before, you need to try it because it is DELICIOUS!) went from
this (baked)

to this

to this!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

the leaves are falling

Matthew went camping this weekend so my parents came up Friday night and Saturday to keep us company. We ventured back to the fresh market downtown Charlotte and picked up lots of fresh veggies. I am going to continue making baby food for Tuck and this is the perfect place to get the vegetables. 

Matthew got home late Saturday afternoon just in time for our first annual family fall celebration! Grey made a fall tree with paint (see below) and we cut open a pumpkin and pulled the gooey out of it! We also made homemade pizza for dinner which is always a hit around here. We enjoyed our time right before I was hit with a horrible stomach virus today! 


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