Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Favorite Room

I constantly have the desire to change and make better every room in our house. There are many reasons that I haven't but the main one being a lack of funds to "decorate." Down deep somewhere inside of me is someone who loves to do projects. I have big ideas but they never quite come out like I imagine them.

There are two rooms in our house that I really like. One is Grey's and the other is Tucker's. I have been in Tuck's room a lot lately and just absolutely love it. I loved putting it together. I love rocking him in his rocking chair, changing him on his soft changing pad cover while he laughs and laughs, laying him down in his crib and patting his little bottom, and reading him a book every now and again.

I never took pictures of the finished product so I decided to do just that today. I loved Grey's nursery as well and never got any good pictures. So here goes a little documenting for the later years...

Tuck has discovered his feet and when I lay him on his back, this is what he does! Look at those chunky, chunky legs! Oh, he makes my heart sing sweet songs.


  1. I love his nursery! I think you did a fantastic job and love the sailboat theme.

  2. i could definitely use some of your talent mary catherine! can you come decorate my house?



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