Thursday, August 06, 2009

happy together?

I decided I was going to make Matthew a card for our anniversary this year. So I put the whole thing together and stamped the words “happy together” on the front. While this is very much true, it seemed so lame to me. “Happy” hardly describes the emotion I feel for my husband.

I am, however, humbled that God would create such a perfect man for me. That He would create Matthew so precisely that he could perfectly love me. Unfortunately, we live in the world that is tattered and torn by sin so in this world, that love will not be ALL that the Lord created it to be. BUT we are still able to experience the joy of each other because we are both seeking the One who is perfect and are saved by His grace.

I am also overjoyed to wake up next to a man that constantly seeks our Heavenly Father. His heart is to experience unwavering intimacy with Christ. It overflows out into his life. First to me as his wife, then to our family, and furthermore to everyone he comes into contact with. I love to see the beauty in who God created him to be.

I am called to respect my husband and to submit to him. This is fairly easy for me because of what I mentioned above. He is far from perfect but his desire remains. Because I am confident in his enthusiastic pursuit of Jesus, I trust his heart and his motives and am able to simply submit.

I delight in my time with him. I yearn for intentional conversation with this sweet man. I love to listen to what the Lord is teaching him. I love to encourage him from the truth that the Lord has revealed to me. I love to drink coffee in the morning with him. I love eating dinner around our table as we take in each precious moment with our Grey and Tucker. I love laughing so hard that we cry. I love dancing in the kitchen. I delight in every moment.

I am forever committed to my husband. This is far from an emotion. This is a sacred promise I made to him August 6, 2005. I will love him when it is hard and things have been and will be hard. I will support him through it all. I will give a correct estimation of him always. “but I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of a woman, and God is the head of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 11:3 He is my head as appointed by God. I was created for his sake (1 Corinthians 11:9) and I will be his helper always. I am thankful that I have the Spirit as my helper in all of these things because this is no easy calling.

All of these things and more bring complete JOY to my heart. These few words more adequately describe my relationship with Matthew than the word “happy.” These things are true and so wonderful. Believe me, I am grateful for the marriage God intended for us on this earth and am thankful that Matthew would marry me 4 years ago!

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