Sunday, August 16, 2009

bbq, wiffle ball, s'mores, and friends

Thursday night our small group got together for a bbq with the kiddos. We had an absolute blast. (at least our family of four did!) We ventured down the hill to the Provins to play a game of wiffle ball then headed back up to our house to finish off the night with some s'mores. The kids played, the adults played, and we all just had a chance to enjoy each other.

*most photos courtesy of the one and only Greg Dodson
abby: aka the coolest 6th grader i know!
sweet krista
Grey and Annabelle sharing a piece of watermelon

Mendy and Lila
watching wiffle ball
seed spitting!
Brooke pitching to Grey
oh Greg...
roasting 'mellows

1 comment:

  1. We had a blast too! :) Nothing like a campfire in August in SC. Next time we will have to plan that a little better!!! :)



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