Saturday, July 18, 2009

On the Road.Part 1

I was anticipating July knowing that all four of us would be transformed into nomads. Matthew has quite a few trips this month so therefore I have made plans for me and the boys to not just stay at home alone.

Last week Matthew traveled to Toccoa, GA for Student Life Camp. I personally was heart broken that I could not go this year. I LOVE CAMP! I was glad to get daily reports of what the Lord was doing and knowing that great things were happening but my heart missed connecting with our students and encouraging them in a camp atmosphere.

We, however, traveled to Sumter for the week. My really good friend Ashley and her daughter Brooke (Grey's great buddy) invited us along to visit her parents. What a GREAT trip we had! Mrs. Linda and Mr. Chuck were super stars to allow us to invade their home for quite a few days. It's no joke inviting an extra baby and a 2 year old to come stay with you when you're used to quiet. Oh, the help I received was more than wonderful. Of course I didn't get ANY good pictures which I'm completely bummed about. We swam, played, and ate better than ever!

I was so excited to get home and see my sweet Matthew. I was half way there when I received a call from him telling me he was potentially exposed to a flu that we could not risk our two young boys getting. So we finished our drive home, me in tears, just to pack up and leave again. We made an unexpected trip to Simpsonville for the weekend...

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