Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have found myself, in quiet moments, recording my thoughts on what the Lord is teaching me. I have yet to share any on the blog but today, God has instructed me to share a little about Him. Probably because I will need to be reminded quite constantly of this truth later in my life. (or every single day)

I am doing a study on the names of God. I finished up my study today on El Elyon, God Most High. I was telling Matthew two nights ago at dinner how much learning about the character of God changes everything about me. It's incredible really. It is all satisfying and my hope is restored in learning and experiencing who He is. My perspective on every single thing in my life changes and my standards are challenged which provokes much wanted and necessary change. Here is my entry from today...

El Elyon – Most High God

This name of God possesses all strength because it ultimately means God is sovereign. He is sovereign over all. No one can be delivered from his sovereignty. He wills and does as He wills. He gives life and takes life away. He forms the light and created the dark. He causes well-being and creates calamity. He brings low and He exalts. He makes poor and rich. He wounds and He heals. He opens and closes the womb. He alone gives breath to me every single second of every day. He created me with gifts to use for His glory.

So many times I get caught up in my circumstances and fail to praise the sovereign God who sustains me in every way possible. The God Most High calls me His child. He has promised me His inheritance all because of the blood of Jesus and my faith in Him. I am blown away by this truth and my heart bows to my God Most High. I am but dust without Him. I am desolate and my soul is condemned to hell without the saving power of Jesus Christ. His will was to save my soul.

Why? Only my sovereign God knows. His will is perfect. His perfection will ultimately be had on this earth and throughout eternity. My sovereign God is to be worshiped for who He is, not for what He does. He is to be worshiped in my well-being and my calamity. He created it and He is perfect. My circumstances are purposed for His glory. My faith is steadfast because of my sovereign God. I am challenged today by the life of Job and His integrity and simple confidence in who the God he served is.

This truth I grip so tightly. This truth is my hope. God’s sovereignty is comfort to my rescued soul. Even though my circumstances have yet to be life-shattering here on this earth, the day in day out fight and battle takes a toll on my weary soul. My desire is choose God’s standard over the world’s and I get so tired of fighting my flesh. I desire to love my husband and respect Him as I am instructed. I desire to model God’s character to my boys. I desire to lead teenagers (and anyone else for that matter) to the throne of grace and to experience the One who loves them more than anyone or anything on this earth. I hold on in this battle with the hope of inheriting the glory of my Heavenly Father through the sovereign God.


  1. All I can say is WOW! Thanks for posting your heart because it touched mine.

  2. Beautiful heart, Meg, beautiful heart!

  3. i needed this in a way i can't explain, megs. i am still so thankful for your heart for the Lord and your pursuit of Him. it continues to challenge me, even from a distance. thank you for posting this!



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