Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yard Productivity

What a productive Saturday! I mostly watched and that's why we have some pictures from the day. Barry and Cheryl drove up Saturday morning to help us in the back yard. (I wish I had a taken a before picture) We decided to put up a privacy fence in the back for now. All there is is a big patch of woods and it needed some major cleaning out. (I mean it was filled with liquor bottles, tires, trash, leaves, lots of junk!) I'm pretty sure that's where the people that live behind us have been throwing all of their trash for years before our house was built. Thank goodness for Barry and Cheryl's willingness to come help Matthew! (this belly is quite large these days and when I bend over or down, it's not so easy to jump right back up) They cleaned out so much of the back yard and it actually looks like a YARD! We can hopefully put our hammock up and a sandbox back there for Grey and Tucker.

The three workers in progress.

Then we moved to the front yard because the chainsaw quit working. In Barry's expertise, we planned out some beds and moved lots of plants around. Grey jumped in on ALL the action. He's actually a pretty good helper. (so it seemed from the hammock on the front porch) I wish I could have captured some of the funny things he was saying while helping.

"Here ya 'dough' daddy"

the three men with their shovels...too bad i cut off the shovel part

Helping GiGi rake the mulch

I was trying to capture how dirty he was but you can't quite get the picture...

This was one of my before Grey's birthday/Tucker is born tasks that I can see lots of progress on. It makes me so excited to see it all!

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