Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Big Ol' Baby

At 32 weeks, this is about how big they suspect a growing baby is supposed to be in the womb.

At 35 weeks, this is how big they suspect a growing baby is supposed to be. I had a doctor appointment this morning. Two weeks ago I was measuring a little big so they wanted to do an ultrasound this time to check size and fluids. We were really excited about getting to see little (not so much) Tucker today. We only got to see Grey once and didn't even get to see him all the way because we (I, rather) didn't want to know if he was a boy or girl. This was BONUS! The ultrasound tech showed us his sweet little face, his lips and nose. We made sure he was a boy and it was fairly evident. I got to see exactly the way he is all cuddled up in there and make better distinctions in his neverending movement.
After she measured everything that needed measuring, she then proceeded to tell us that although I am only 32 weeks and 1 day, Tucker is measuring 35 1/2 weeks! (reference the above pictures) He already weighs 5 lbs. 9 oz.! I know I feel really big but now I know it's because the Lord is growing up another really big baby in there!
We then went to meet with Dr. Robinson who was really encouraging. He said everything looked really really good. We just had another BIG baby. All fluids looked great. He knew Grey was 9 lbs at birth and I was a week overdue at that point. He obviously would not jump on me being induced until a little bit closer to June 1st. I would love for nature to run it's course (as they say) but I would love to not have to have a c-section due to Tucker being so big. I guess we'll see how things go. He said they may do another US closer to the due date and be able to tell more at that point. I know I can have a 9 pounder so I don't mind doing that again but I'm not sure about too much bigger than that! He told me to take it easy and not to lift Grey too much. I've been trying to cut a lot of that out anyhow. I have only gained 20 lbs. and he said that was really good and to keep doing what I'm doing. I guess I've only gained 20 lbs. due to already having such an active little boy to keep up with because I sure have been eating a lot!
We hope to get the nursery together this weekend. My sweet husband is patiently working on painting the furniture. It's been a ridiculously long process but is looking really good. I just can't believe we are going to be blessed with two boys that God has chosen to give to us. Most of all we are praying for the soul of Tucker and cannot wait to meet him!

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  1. That all sounds great and I would not worry a bit about measuring big. I did with Jacob and he came at 36 weeks and was perfect...of course:). You'll do fine with that big ol' baby of yours and we can't wait to meet him!



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