Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Before We Know It...

I've had a list of things I want to get done before Tucker gets here for about a month or so. Getting his nursery ready has not been at the very top of that list until recently. I realized at our last doctor appointment that I was really 32 weeks pregnant and Tucker is going to be living in our house before we know it. So this realization brought upon an anxiousness (is that a word?) to get moving and that we have! Matthew painted the furniture white and we have a few more things to complete the room itself. At least I can get all of the baby clothes out of our room and in their perspective drawers. I don't have pictures of the room all the way done because well, it's not yet. It's been fun to put it all together with the three of us.

Not so much working on anything in particular except honking his nose Good thing Grey has lots of the tools Matthew has except they're plastic :)
classic "Grey look"

Our usual conversation about when Tucker is going to join us.
33 weeks of Tucker in my belly
"Ta Da!" (not quite sure what he's presenting)
Night Night


  1. Hi Matt and Meghan! I found your blog through Ashley and Alex's website. :) I have a quick and random question for you about Tucker's nursery...

    We are also due with baby #2 (just a few days after you guys!) and if it is a boy, I'm doing a sailboat theme. I LOVE the artwork you have in his nursery and have been looking for something similar myself. Would you mind sharing where you found it? I've looked online and haven't seen anything that cute. :)

    Thanks so much for your help and congratulations! You are going to have so much fun to having 2 boys so close in age!! :)
    Mary Catherine (Crews) Fowler

  2. Matthew was so excited to hear from you!

    I apparantly have a slight obsession with sailboats and was excited to know what we're having this time (didn't the first time) so that I could do the nursery one way or the other.I knew I wanted to do sailboats when we found out he was a boy and looked for artwork to either buy or copy for so long! I eventually found these prints at http://www.artful-inspirations.com/ They have lots of cute stuff. I decided just to buy them and save myself some work. I hope this helps!

    I have started frequenting your blog. It's fun when someone is pretty much in the exact same stage of life as you are. I think our first two are about the same age. Grey will be 2 May 4th.

    Hope you guys are doing well!



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