Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Third Snow of 2009

This was really only the second significant snow of the season that we could play in but it technically has snowed 3 whole times in Fort Mill in 2009! Here are a few fun pictures from our morning playing in the white stuff.

the ol' 1719 doves road in all her glory
love these two

Grey got down to business this time. He was ready to get all in it!

Matthew created a sled out of a rubbermaid top. He cut a hole in one end and tied a rope to it. It led to much fun in the yard
Grey totally loved it even though when he was riding he looked as though he wasn't too sure

1 comment:

  1. Meghan, We got snow too, at my mom's house.....
    I don't know if you heard or not...but my dad died last Wednesday. So we were staying at Mom's when the snow came.

    It's funny we got nothing in Ellijay, yet at the lake we got 3-4 inches....

    Loved the pictures...

    Love you,



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