Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ab and Cady!

Grey and I are visiting Poppie and Marmie this weekend in Simpsonville. We got to spend the day yesterday with Ab and Cady. Grey thoroughly enjoyed them both. He even took Abby upstairs to show her that Cady could take a nap in his bed. (which she did and slept for a long time!) He also decided she could use two of his blankies but he kept one. It was so good to spend some extended time with Ab. We actually had some time to really talk which definitely was a blessing! Here are some cute pictures.

Getting some early practice of handing out flowers to the ladies (Cady and Gram)

I'm glad Cady is laid back enough to let an almost 2 year old hold her alone


  1. Loved the pictures Meg... Give Grams a hug for me!

    By the way, Courtney's wedding is set for Saturday, Oct. 3rd at 6:00 in Blairsville, GA (40 minutes north of us).. It's an outdoor wedding in the mountains....

    You'll be hearing more....

    Love you,
    Aunt Julie

  2. i love these pics..and i love you and grey...youre a blessing!



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