Friday, March 27, 2009

The Birdwatchers

We fill up our bird feeder at least twice a week these days. Today we had so many birds wanting to take advantage of the delicious seeds. Often times I find Grey at the back window just watching the birds and the squirrels. (unfortunately those squirrels can find any way to get into that bird feeder!) Matthew and Grey set up a bird watching perch and opened the window to look and listen.
showing daddy the yellow birds

"Mommy, I hear the birds!"
Oscar got in on the action as well
After Matthew left for game night at church, Grey and I delved into a little jumping and plopping on pillows. He asked if I would take pictures of him so he could see himself jumping. (I also took video as this made much more sense) He is so proud of himself.
Mid Jump

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just a Carseat?

Apparantly the Lord saw it necessary to provide a brand new, still in the box with the plastic, Britax carseat for our family. Are we surprised? No. The Lord has been so faithful to us in material provision when we have had no idea how in the world we were going to make it work so no, we weren't surprised. Are we more thankful and overwhelmed than words can express? Yes.

This is eventually what we were going to have to purchase for Grey when Tucker graduates from his infant seat. It converts to a booster which will work for the rest of his carseat years. We were probably not going to buy something nearly this expensive but we are not complaining! I knew that this was going to be a pretty big purchase somewhere down the road but just figured it would work out when the time came.

I have been studying the life of Jesus in Matthew. He encounters so many different people in His time here on earth. One way He classifies them is those with "little faith" and those with "great faith." I have been trying to figure out which category I fit in as His child. Is my faith like the disciples who walked so closely with him but still doubted His power and majesty. Or is it so great that I simply believe that if I touch the edge of His cloak, I could be healed. I do believe that He IS ABLE to do anything...and I mean anything. There are more times that I tend to wonder if He WILL do certain things. Most of those things are based on what I think is best when in reality, what I think is best is obsolete.

One thing is true that He can do whatever He wants. It's about His glory and not mine. I believe that in our lives He has received a tiny bit more glory (in the scheme of what He is worthy of) in providing for us in the incredible ways that He has. He will receive that glory anyway but chooses to bless us. I just wanted all of you to see the greatness of God in something so simple as a carseat. As I was reminded at bible study tonight, if he cares enough to provide something so simple as a carseat, how much more does He care for our souls?

Monday, March 23, 2009

let it grow!

This spring, thanks to my brother Chad, we are doing some major yard renovations. It's starting with killing all the existing grass (believe me, it's VERY little actual grass) and weeds (they are prolific). The we will level some of the ground and plant seed and hopefully have some good grass to play in next year. Grey loves to be outside and to help in the yard. We love working ouside and enjoy his help. We aren't going to be planting anything but the grass this season so we decided to let Grey grow and maintain his own little pot of flowers. We planted them today together and he was very exited.
Tools in hand, ready to plant

Covering up the seeds while saying "night night seeds"...apparantly they will be sleeping
Last comes the water in his new fancy watering can
my super hot husband with the grass and weed killer back pack on. gettin the job done! (notice the Provins beautiful green grass beyond the wall and all of our dirt!)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ab and Cady!

Grey and I are visiting Poppie and Marmie this weekend in Simpsonville. We got to spend the day yesterday with Ab and Cady. Grey thoroughly enjoyed them both. He even took Abby upstairs to show her that Cady could take a nap in his bed. (which she did and slept for a long time!) He also decided she could use two of his blankies but he kept one. It was so good to spend some extended time with Ab. We actually had some time to really talk which definitely was a blessing! Here are some cute pictures.

Getting some early practice of handing out flowers to the ladies (Cady and Gram)

I'm glad Cady is laid back enough to let an almost 2 year old hold her alone

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Looking Forward...

Matthew and I were looking through some pictures tonight. How sweet those baby days were with Grey. We can't wait to meet Tucker and know his little (or big) personality. We can't wait to see if he will make faces like this...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tucker's Room

Matthew and I painted Tucker's room while Grey was in Columbia this past weekend. When Grey came home and saw it, I think he really began to understand he is going to have a little brother. He is pretty much obsessed with Tucker's room. The crib matress is on the floor (along with quite a few other random things. we have a long way to go in there) and anytime Grey walks past his room he yells "Tucker's rooooooooommmm!" and dives on the crib matress. I was doing some laundry today and this is what I found when I looked in Tucker's room...

He created a boat for himself with Tucker's bumper to his crib

and was flexing his muscles

then proceeded to act out and sing "row, row, row your boat"I have enjoyed him so much the past few days. There is never a dull moment when that little mind is constantly learning and processing everything out loud!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The warm weather has brought the hammocks out of the garage to the cool front porch. I'm pretty sure Grey is going to enjoy them on his own this summer.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Growing Tucker

We have been so slack on taking ANY pictures of the growing Tucker inside my belly. Matthew wanted to take one every week but that just overwhelmes me for some reason. It could be because I feel really awkward having a picture of me taken by myself. (essentially it's me with a rather large stomach, no sweet Tucker face yet)

I did allow him to take this picture last Saturday night. I believe I am 27 weeks at this point.

I have noticed that I rarely mention this life that God is perfectly designing inside of me right this instant. This is not intentional at all. I guess that's one difference between your first and second pregnancy. I have a very busy toddler to keep up with. I spend all day every day playing with and taking care of Grey (and Matthew when he's here). There's not too much time to even think about the fact that I am going to have another child. When I do, my soul is flooded with joy and excitement.

I often forget to thank the Lord that I have had two very wonderful pregnancies. My life goes on as normal. Though my body is stretching and doing all sorts of funny things, I am able to do everything as if I were not pregnant. (except jumping. I will not do that again) I can deal with a little nauseousness and extreme exhaustion at first. There was an end to it for me. I often find I have more energy at different times during the day than when my body is not sustaining two lives. I know as I continue to grow I will get more uncomfortable but again, that's minor. For all of these things I am very grateful.

We haven't met Tucker yet but these are things I do know about him:

  • He is way more active than Grey was in the womb...I don't know how I feel about this.

  • He does all sorts of acrobatics on my bladder. (we saw him in the ultrasound just pounding away at hasn't stopped)

  • He gets the hiccups every other day in the evening.

  • He either loves or hates when I eat a bedtime snack. (he moves LOTS at this point)

  • He responds to Matthew's voice. I love this about him.

  • I'm pretty sure I have felt both of his feet and both hands very distinctly pushing around my belly button.

  • His growing life requires way more food than Grey's did. I have never been this hungry in my life!

  • According to my neverending hunger, I believe he will be at least 9 lbs. if not more. (I don't really know this but I do know Grey weighed 9 lbs.)

  • If he's ok staying in there until June 1st or a little after then I'm ok with it too!

Ok, that's enough. I just thought I would give a little insight on the sweet boy we can't wait to meet!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Third Snow of 2009

This was really only the second significant snow of the season that we could play in but it technically has snowed 3 whole times in Fort Mill in 2009! Here are a few fun pictures from our morning playing in the white stuff.

the ol' 1719 doves road in all her glory
love these two

Grey got down to business this time. He was ready to get all in it!

Matthew created a sled out of a rubbermaid top. He cut a hole in one end and tied a rope to it. It led to much fun in the yard
Grey totally loved it even though when he was riding he looked as though he wasn't too sure


We started our trip to Atlanta last Wednesday with much excitement. It never fails to deliver when we go spend time with David, Steph, and Maddie. We started it off with some delicious pizza at their favorite pizza place. Matthew had a conference all day on Thursday and David had to work. Steph and I took Maddie and Grey to the mall for some play time in the indoor play place. It was raining practically the whole time we were there. We had lunch and a relaxing afternoon only to spice it up for a yummy dinner and some major game playing that night. (along with Turtle Pizza for dessert...mmmm)

Friday we headed out early to meet David for lunch at the Forum and stopped in a few shops. This is what Stephanie witnessed while watching Maddie and Grey. I got there just in time for a picture.
David got to take the afternoon off which left us adults for more game playing. (I'm pretty sure I kicked butt in Phase 10 Twist) Then it was off to Monkey Joes. Grey had never been so Maddie was glad to show him the ropes. They had so much fun! Mostly David and Matthew played with them and when I did decide to dive into the action, I suffered some consequences. Let's just say I never should JUMP while pregnant.

Saturday morning we decided to head back to the mall and let the kids play again since it was STILL raining. We had lunch and before we knew it, it was time to head back home. Not before a train ride around the mall! It does seem as if Maddie is Matthew and I's child. Note: hair and eye and skin coloring.
We had tons of fun relaxing and playing games and just spending some good quality time together! We can't wait to go back whenever that may be.
On the way home we stopped at Starbucks and Grey didn't miss out there either...vanilla milk of course!


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